0.010     2013-08-23 14:32:30 America/Los_Angeles

    Use proxy settings from the environment, if available.

0.009     2013-06-06 19:23:13 America/Los_Angeles

    Fixed some test failures reported by CPAN Testers.  
    But no code changes in the library itself.

0.008     2013-06-06 14:04:54 America/Los_Angeles

    Also use IO::Zlib instead of PerlIO::gzip during tests.

0.007     2013-06-05 22:18:56 America/Los_Angeles

    Now uses IO::Zlib instead of PerlIO::gzip so there is one less
    non-core dependency.

0.006     2012-05-04 16:00:24 America/Los_Angeles

    Added clear_cache() method on the Package::Locator class.
    This deletes the cached index files, causing subsequent
    calls to locate() to fetch the index files anew.

    When calling locate() with a distribution path, we actually
    try and fetch the corresponding URL at each repository.
    This allows you to find distributions that are not in
    the index (i.e. older relases).

0.004     2011-12-02 03:12:06 America/Los_Angeles

    Package::Locator::Index does its own parsing of the index file now,
    and can return the contents as a simple data structure.  Yes,
    I reinvented that wheel.  I have my reasons.

    The locate() method now uses named arguments.  The old positional
    argument interface is not supported.

    The "get_latest" attribute is gone.  Instead, you can specify a
    "latest" argument to the locate() method.

    Fixed some failing tests.  Thanks CPANTESTERS.

0.003     2011-11-23 14:02:56 America/Los_Angeles

    Fixed bug that inadvertenty swallowed all exceptions
    when calling the locate() method.

    Now requires Try::Tiny.

0.002     2011-11-21 21:50:22 America/Los_Angeles

    Found a bunch of bugs by writing test cases.  The first release
    didn't really work as advertised.  This one actually has a chance.

0.001     2011-11-21 15:32:09 America/Los_Angeles

    Initial release.