Revision history for Padre-Plugin-Cookbook

0.24 2013-05-09
 - update changes to changes-spec (BOWTIE)

0.23 2012-05-13
 - consolidate to common version in to 0.23
 - move tests around
 - add POSIX dependency stkowski++
 - another POD tweak
 - POD tweak, forgot to update version in POD
 - bumped to version 0.23 and had a jiggle about :)
 - update to delete_where ready for ORLite 2.0
 - Removed Padre::DB::SyntaxHighlighter from Cookbook Recipe 04
 - update ConfigDB to clean DebugBreakpoints
 - Add relation DebugBreakpoints to radio box
 - tidy up sub _tidy_display,  azawawi++
 - force Show output to be in colour
 - changed About dialogs to ShowModal
 - been reading hence tweak
 - tweak Composed Method clean_dialog
 - Add Composed Method clean_dialog
 - update interfaces to v0.91
 - Padre::Plugin api 2.2
 - update interfaces to v0.91
 - minor tweaks 
 - update to padre 0.90 as minimum required version 
 - deleted MANIFEST to enable Makefile.PL to run, Alias++
 - added comments to Makefile.PL
 - minor tweaks
 - tweak POD
 - tweak tests
 - wrapped display text with Wx::gettext(...)
 - added clean for last position in file
 - tweak POD
 - added more xt's
 - added remove missing to history clean
 - tweak to adjust
 - lots of spelling typos to
 - update to plugin interface, 
 - start using DEBUG
 - added an icon
 - minor typo's & tweaks
 - also removed dead code
 - reset back to use Moose as Mouse is unstable under Plugin reload 
 - More, POD tweaks to correspond with guidance from alias++
 - opps forgot to turn on caller_info, POD tweaks to correspond with
   guidance, alias++
 - Slight name change to make it more obvious what kind of cookbook
 - Removed remaining locations where we change the user's configuration to 
   selfishly get a maximise button on the output window
 - Never change the user's preferences without their say so
 - Moving author tests to xt, removing superfluous dependencies and
   removing  the unnecesary auto_install
 - Modified Recipe04 so that it will work with MainFB Dialog, and also a
 - Frame works once, but then kills padre. inc fbp's for shared testing, :) 
 - setup to use dialog stable
 - added garu suggestion, cleaned up startup, removed commented out code
   and some other tweaks
 - tweaking, svn:mime-type, added more credits.
 - now test's for attributes with {null} values
 - Config-DB Recipe-04 (Plugin) 
 - Updated Recipe-04 ConfigDB,
 - Added cardinality display, SQL limit 127, re irc with Sewi
 - Updated Recipe-04 ConfigDB to RC1, 
 - Added status bar support, and guage to clean history
 - Updated Recipe-04 ConfigDB to RC1, 
 - Updated Recipe-04 ConfigDB to RC1, included clean options for 
 - relations: Session, Session_Files & History
 - tweaking, svn:mime-type
 - Makefile.PL tweaking, added version
 - MANIFEST added for use with Makefile.PL
 - Makefile.PL added as suggested by Sewi
 - Added Recipe-04 ConfigDB beta for Sewi to Cookbook
 - Added Recipe-03 to Cookbook
 - Added Recipe-02 to Cookbook
 - Altered structure and names to enable multiple Recipes to be contained
   within ONE Cookbook
 - Add Cookbook01 to P-P-Cookbook, updated all names, also see wiki