Changes for Padre-Plugin-LaTeX

0.13   2011.09.01
	- bugfix release: only change is to require Padre 0.89 or later at
          installation time (ZENOG)

0.12   2011.09.01
        - add interface dependency to Wx::Main (BOWTIE)
        - add menu_disable method (BOWTIE, ZENOG)
        - compatibility with Padre 0.89 and later (ZENOG)
        - support more commands and environments (ZENOG)

0.11   2011.06.21
	- include Padre::Task::Syntax in the syntax checker (ZENOG)
	- added Brazilian Portuguese translation (GARU)
        - change config value perl_autocomplete_min_chars to
          lang_perl5_autocomplete_min_chars (ZENOG)
        - autocompletion: offer 'begin' and 'begin'...'end' for environments,
          not only 'begin'...'end' (ZENOG)

0.10   2011.03.09
	- check for different PDF viewers (ZENOG)
	- compatibility to Padre 0.81 and later (ZENOG)
	- add icon (ZENOG)
	- create temporary file/directory for syntax check (ZENOG)
	- update German translation (ZENOG)

0.09   2011.02.07
        - add Dutch translation (ddn123456 - Dirk De Nijs)
	- add autocompletion support for LaTeX: complete commands, packages,
	  environments, internal references, and citations (ZENOG)
	- add autocompletion support for BibTeX (ZENOG)
	- 'Changes' format more like in Padre's (ZENOG)
	- add link to Detexify to the menu (ZENOG)
	- define get_command method for LaTeX documents so that they can be 'run'
	  from the menu (ZENOG)
	- fix syntax checking (ZENOG)

0.08   2010.12.06
	- restore missing POT/PO translation sources (Damyan Ivanov, AZAWAWI)
	- add hint about BibTeX highlighting in Kate plugin (ZENOG)
	- add BibTeX support (commenting in and out) (ZENOG)
	- update German translation (ZENOG)
	- fix problem with dist.ini: multiple values for copyright_holder (ZENOG)

0.07   2010.10.29
	- remove Test::NeedsDisplay dependency (AZAWAWI)

0.06   2010.10.27
	- t/00-load.t is magically injected by [@PadrePlugin] via [LoadTests] (AZAWAWI)

0.05   2010.10.26
	- update Arabic translation since it was not working (AZAWAWI)

0.04   2010.10.26
	Nothing... Simply a reupload of 0.03 (AZAWAWI)

0.03   2010.10.26
	- Syntax checking still crashes; will improve later (ZENOG)
	- Added Italian translation (SBLADIN)
	- Switched to Dist::Zilla (AZAWAWI)
	- Added Arabic translation (AZAWAWI)
	- Compatibility with latest Padre (AZAWAWI)

0.02    2010.07.23
	- Compatibility to newer Padre versions
	- added preliminary i18n support (does not work correctly)
	- new features: create+view PDF, run BibTeX

0.01    2010.05.11
	First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
	- Only feature: toggle comments