Changes for Padre-Plugin-Moose

0.21  2012.3.15
    - Fix segfault when new files are open without any open files (AZAWAWI,
      Reported by El_Che)
    - Updated Padre Italian translation (SBLANDIN)
    - Unload P:P:Moose when the plugin is disabled (BOWTIE)
    - Focus on the class and role tab after showing the error message: You can 
      only add X to a class or role (AZAWAWI)
    - Less code in Makefile.PL (AZAWAWI)

0.20  2012.3.10 (AZAWAWI)
    - Added missing README
    - Highlight the current editor. This is needed when a plugin is enabled for 
      the first time
    - Added more button accelerator + Perl tidy
    - Rename NeedsSaveAsEvent to NeedsPluginEvent

0.19  2012.3.10 (AZAWAWI)
    - Moved TextMate-style TAB-completion feature into Padre::Plugin::Snippet.
    - No need to provide a Perl document subclass to Padre therefore no problems
      with other Perl document subclassing plugins.
    - In MooseX::Declare, around modifier has $self and $orig predefined
    - Documentation updates.
    - No more "Enable Snippets" in preferences dialog.
    - One can choose between the namespace::clean or the purist approach to
      using Moose and Mouse.

0.18  2012.3.7 (AZAWAWI)
    - Perfected TextMate-style TAB-completion feature.
      Thanks for BOWTIE++ for throughly testing it.
    - Added perl snippets that are on by default regardless of current
      code generator type

0.17  2012.3.3
    - Perl tidy and fix missing updated Changes.
      Must have been sleeping when I released 0.16 (AZAWAWI)

0.16  2012.3.3
    - Removing the static box sizers from the design for a cleaner look (ADAMK)
    - Added missing $VERSION to ClassMember (ADAMK)
    - Completed plugin dependencies (ADAMK)
    - Added modal preferences dialog (AZAWAWI)
    - Renamed the dialog to "Moose Assistant" (AZAWAWI)
    - Added MooseX::Declare keyword syntax highlighting (AZAWAWI)
    - Added MooseX::Declare and Mouse snippets (AZAWAWI)
    - Added more documentation (AZAWAWI)
    - Switch from YAML::Tiny to YAML for stopping the leading whitespace loss 
    - Added t/eol.t author test (AZAWAWI)
    - Snippets YAML files is divided by type: Moose, Mouse and MooseX::Declare
    - Added snippets checkbox to toggle functionality (AZAWAWI)

0.15  2012.2.29 (AZAWAWI)
    - Add Moose keywords highlighting
    - Add YAML-based TextMate-style Moose keyword snippet
      completion (Thanks for El_Che and perigrin)
    - Added basic constructor/destructor support
    - Switch order of members tab to be most used first: attributes,
      methods, subtypes, constructor and then destructor.
    - Inspector is now bigger since it is a scrolled window.
    - Fix q{editable inspector in Program node at startup} TODO
    - Dialog is no longer cramped (width is 750 instead of 640 pixels)

0.14  2012.2.27 (AZAWAWI)
    - Added MooseX::Declare code generation
    - Code generation options UI
    - Minimum dialog size is 640x480 and it is now resizable (bowtie++)
    - Ability to change generation code target (Moose, Mouse or MooseX::Declare)
      via a combo box
    - Fixed immutable/namespace::clean order (GabrielVieira++ for the bug
    - Perl tidy + Makefile.PL now includes plugin homepage as wiki page

0.13  2012.2.27 (AZAWAWI)
    - Add Mouse support
    - Added method modifiers list completion
    - Added support for class attributes via MooseX::ClassAttribute
    - Added support for singletons via MooseX::Singleton
    - Inspector is now a scrolled window
    - Added to attributes the following options: coerce, does, weak_ref, 
      lazy, builder, default, clearer, predicate, documentation.

0.12  2012.2.26 (AZAWAWI)
    - Delete key and right-click (context menu) now work on the delete option. 
      No actual deletion is done at the moment
    - Add the UI/event hooks for constructor/destructor buttons.
      No code generation at the moment
    - Choice combo list is now in inspector. (bowtie++ for the idea)

0.11  2012.2.24 (AZAWAWI)
    - New polished dialog UI :)
    - Added method modifiers (around, before, after)
    - Removed About button and moved its information to the dialog title

0.10  2012.2.24 (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed future timestamp for recently released 0.09. Stupid old dev VM
      image :)

0.09  2012.2.24 (AZAWAWI)
    - Escape regular expression while positioning the preview editor
    - Current editor theme is always applied. 
    - No need to hide controls. Let us do the right way and validate each
      action (bowtie++).
    - Use Moose sugar 'blessed' instead of Scalar::Util::blessed - which is the
      same but cooler :)
    - Fixed ellipsis in plugin manager (bowtie++)
    - Stop doing that grid focus automatically. It screws up navigation
    - Various POD updates regarding methods.
    - Clicking on a tree element scrolls to the first line of its generated code
      instead of the Padre-default centerize
    - About dialog is reusing ->message() and is modal friendly
    - ::Main now does('Padre::Wx::Role::Dialog'). Alias++
    - ::Role::CanHandleInspector now requires 'get_grid_data'. No global
      %INSPECTOR in ::Main
    - has 'attribute'; # is now supported, no default values. Just the basics :) 
      Better attribute/subtype code generation
    - Each tree element knows how to handle the inspector via
    - Various name refactoring and more roles in ::Role namespace

0.08  2012.2.23 (AZAWAWI)
    - Refactored the dialog to be modal and improved its UI
    - The dialog is resident until the plugin is disabled.
    - Generate closes the dialog but does not destroy your work. Added "reset"
    - Class members can be added now when inside a class/role. There is no need
      to click on the parent again as before.
    - Disable adding class members when you're over Program node
    - Added q{ my $self = shift } to generated method body.
    - Subtype has now a base type and is usable now.

0.07  2012.2.22
    - Show the generated code that is related the currently selected element
    - Added keyboard button accelerators and "Insert code" is now "Generate"
    - Added a simple inspector help text field that explains the current element
    - The code generator is now called at startup  (AZAWAWI)
    - The buttons are shown/hidden instead of enabled/disabled  (AZAWAWI)
    - Inside Program elements, you can create class/role  (AZAWAWI)
    - Inside Class/Role elements, you can create attribute, subtype or method

0.06  2012.2.22  (HOTFIX to 0.05)
    - Tree item selection is now done in EVT_IDLE lifecycle to prevent deep
      recursion when editing (AZAWAWI)

0.05  2012.2.22
    - Added Inspector edit mode (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed Recommended order for namespace::clean (AZAWAWI)
    - Install share directory with MO files (AZAWAWI)
    - Add q{use Moose::Util::TypeConstraint} when needed (AZAWAWI)
    - q{Add Method} implemented (AZAWAWI)
    - Added Padre::Plugin::Moose::CodeGen role. Less POD cruft. Lazy loading.

0.04  2012.2.21
    - Added namespace::clean as a dependency (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed a role code generation bug (AZAWAWI)
    - Added Program Inspector (AZAWAWI)
    - Added Program Outline (AZAWAWI)
    - Basic Attribute/Subtype code generation (AZAWAWI)

0.03  2012.2.21
    - Fixed dialog not properly closing on non-win32 platforms (BOWTIE, AZAWAWI) 
    - Refactor variable names (AZAWAWI)
    - Sample code is now correct (AZAWAWI)
    - q{Moose} is now q{Moose...} :) (BOWTIE, AZAWAWI) 

0.02  2012.2.20
    The following feature list is here: (AZAWAWI)
        - Added Moose website/manual/cookbook hyperlinks
        - Added "Add class/role/attribute/subtype" tabs
        - Added code generation readonly preview editor
        - Added comments/main code generation checkboxes
        - Added insert code

0.01  2012.2.15
    - Initial release to CPAN (AZAWAWI)