Revision history for Padre-Plugin-SVN

0.05	2010.05.23
		* Changed the blame (log) display to show as a tree view.
		* gettext-ified some messages (Zeno Gantner)

0.04	2009.11.11
		* Fixed up the handling of the commit message Dialog - You are now prompted when no commit message is provided.
		* Changed the add message from popup to status bar (SEWI)

0.03	2009.11.07
		* Added Update Action - (Peter Lavender)
		* Ask for save before commit (Sewi)
		* Fixed a Use of uninitlized value for new files added to SVN (Sewi)
		* Make the successful commit message info priority r8789 (Sewi) 

0.02	2009.08.31 - Peter Lavender (waxhead)
		Merged in the branch:
		* Uses SVN::Class for all SVN operations
		* Reconfigured the Plugin Menuing - flattened to single level as all operations are based on the file in the acitve document
		* Added "Open Diff in Padre" - required new method in Padre::Main class
		* Created an "SVNDialog" to handle SVN input and some output - more work to be done
		* Added some additional documentation

        svn add

0.01    2009.03.07
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.