Revision history for Padre-Plugin-SpellCheck

1.33 2013-09-24

1.32 2013-05-02
 - Update dependainces and bump version (BOWTIE)
 - Tweak tests to increase coverage (BOWTIE)

1.31_03 2013-01-14
 - Tweak perl version dependancy and Makefile (BOWTIE)

1.31_02 2013-01-11
 - Bumped perl dependancie to 5.12.5 as test 05-Checker.t was failing under
   perl 5.10.1 with Class::Accessor (BOWTIE)
 - Update Changes file to CPAN::Changes::Spec (BOWTIE)

1.31_01 2012-08-25
 - Missing ellipsis on context menu (BOWTIE)
 - changed to dev version number until padre 0.98 is released (BOWTIE)

1.31 2012-08-23
 - My Bad, forgot to add icon (BOWTIE)

1.30 2012-08-22
 - update preferences to new Padre::Util::run_in_dir_two format (BOWTIE)
 - Add event_on_context_menu to enable changing preferences (BOWTIE)
 - Tweak tests for above (BOWTIE) 

1.29 2012-06-19
 - Typo in fbp (BOWTIE)
 - replacement text location slipping dod+ (BOWTIE)
 - remove unused variable (BOWTIE)
 - switch to Class::Accessor with 'antlers' (BOWTIE)

1.28 2012-06-15
 - POD tweak for clarification dod+ (BOWTIE)
 - disable button when finished (BOWTIE)

1.27 2012-05-13
 - fix hunspell selection, which was not and tweak POD (BOWTIE)

1.26 2012-05-13
 - use v-string (BOWTIE)
 - update to next version number (BOWTIE)

1.25 2012-04-24
 - dynamic Dialogue Titles (BOWTIE)
 - Update POD, remove test code (BOWTIE)
 - implement new plugin_disable (BOWTIE)
 - use Try::Tiny implement (BOWTIE)
 - moving to p-p-xx-yy for config,  tides code and makes more consistent
   across plug-ins,  Padre 0.96 compatible only (BOWTIE)
 - Tweak tests, add README (BOWTIE)

1.24 2012-02-26
 - remove unwanted test for Text::Aspell installed (BOWTIE)

1.23 2012-02-26
 - fix plugin_enable school boy error (BOWTIE)
 - fix the config DB to check on enable for past and new install (BOWTIE)
 - Bump version to 1.23 (BOWTIE)
 - added Text::Hunspell (BOWTIE)
 - Update Status info in Checker to show dictionary and language
 - rename Method accessors to inc get/set (BOWTIE)
 - remove un-used Methods (BOWTIE)
 - add the standard License to the tail as and where (BOWTIE)

1.22 2012-02-22
 - remove dead code in plugin_icon method (ZENOG)
 - Upgraded to use wxFormBuilder-based forms (BOWTIE)
 - revert-> Added missing Data::Printer dependency (AZAWAWI)<-(BOWTIE)
 - Access to Preferences is now via Plugin Manager (BOWTIE)
 - Preferences now displays language name rather than ISO code (BOWTIE)
 - use Padre Locale for dictionary names from ISO code (BOWTIE)
 - Start on adding some tests, as there are none (BOWTIE)
 - Preferences now shows and saves Aspell and Hunspell local dictionaries

1.21 2010-12-06
 - Restored missing POT/PO translation sources (Damyan Ivanov, AZAWAWI)
 - rename method 'spell_preferences' to 'plugin_preferences', so that the
   dialogue can also be called from the plugin manager (ZENOG)
 - add support for some filters (XML, HTML, LaTeX) (ZENOG)
 - fix encoding information in German translation file: ASCII to UTF-8
   #1070 (ZENOG)

1.2 2010-10-29
 - Removed Test::NeedsDisplay dependency (AZAWAWI)

1.1.3 2010-10-27
 - Compatibility with the latest Padre (ZENOG, AZAWAWI)
 - Added German translation (ZENOG)
 - Added Japanese translation (ISHIGAKI)
 - Fixed translations in share directory and removed old one(AZAWAWI)
 - Switched to Dist::Zilla (AZAWAWI)
 - t/00-load.t is magically injected by [@PadrePlugin] via [LoadTests]

1.1.2 2009-06-20
 - Add Chinese (Traditional) translation (bluet)
 - spanish translation added (brunov)
 - remove .po files from MANIFEST.SKIP, they are needed for Debian since
   they are the source for the .mo files (ryan52)
 - if the user selects one of the suggestions, replace it (ryan52)

1.1.1 2009-05-08
 - work-around for unicode texts (therek)

1.1.0 2009-04-29
 - possibility to choose dictionary language (but wx::stc has unicode bugs
   which prevents this feature to be really useful on non-ascii texts)
 - plugin i18n-ed, ready to accept translations
 - arabic translation added (azawawi)
 - brazilian portuguese translation added (garu)
 - french translation added
 - polish translation added (therek)

1.0.0 2009-04-22
 - using a dedicated spellcheck dialog
 - on error, possibility to replace, replace all, ignore, ignore all

0.03 2009-04-05
 - providing an icon for padre's plugin manager

0.02 2009-04-05
 - adding newline between wrongly spelled words
 - changing maintainer
 - moving away from module::install
 - cleaning meta information

0.01 2009-02-01
 - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.