Revision history for Parallel-Iterator

1.00    2007-11-15
        Use CORE::exit for mod_perl compatibility. Thanks to Michael
        Lackhoff for the fix.
        Switched to n.nn version numbering.

0.8.0   2007-10-15
        Only execute END blocks in parent process. Thanks to Aristotle
        Pagaltzis for the suggestion and patch.

0.7.0   Added batch and adaptive options.
        Fixed load balancing inequality.

0.6.0   2007-10-04
        Fixed MANIFEST

0.5.0   2007-10-04
        Made 0 worker option (non-forked) dclone its input data to
        achieve the same cloning effect that the forked version

0.4.0   2007-10-03
        Fixed tests on Windows.

0.3.0   2007-10-02
        Made job output and result collection run in sync. Formally job
        output from the master process ran as quickly as possible. This
        results in better scheduling and eliminates the possibility of
        blocking with overlarge data (see t/030-block.t).
        Added support for iterators throwing errors.

0.2.0   2007-09-20
        Renamed Parallel-Iterator. Didn't check Parallel-Workers was
        available. Duh.

0.1.0   2007-09-20
        Initial release.