2013-04-18  Jonathan Kamens  <jik@kamens.us>

	* Jobs.pm: Increase version to 0.09.

	* Makefile.PL: Add license to CPAN package.

	* Jobs.pm: Bug fix from Greg Lindahl <greg@blekko.com>: Allow
	output from processes to be the number 0 without falsely
	concluding that the process has reached EOF.

	* Jobs.pm, MANIFEST: Merge relevant README content into POD
	documentation and get rid of README.

2013-01-15  Jonathan Kamens  <jik@kamens.brookline.ma.us>

	* Increase version to 0.08.

	* Fix a bug: sometimes an event was being lost when two jobs
	exited at the same time.

2012-12-05  Jonathan Kamens  <jik@kamens.brookline.ma.us>

	* Jobs.pm: Increase version to 0.07.

	Fix bug: "nohang" wasn't working when process output was not being

2012-05-16  root  <root@jik2.kamens.brookline.ma.us>

	* Jobs.pm: Increase version to 0.06.

	Support "nohang" argument to watch_jobs.

	Add copyright 2012 to myself.

	* Jobs.pm, Makefile: Update my email address.

	* 1.t: Make perl 5.15 happy by not using the unquoted word "plan"
	in a test case.

2007-10-18  Jonathan Kamens  <jik@jik2.kamens.brookline.ma.us>

	* Jobs.pm: Increase version to 0.05.

	Fix file descriptor leaks.

	Wait for everything we can every time we go through watch_jobs, to
	prevent resource starvation.  Queue events that we haven't
	returned yet and return them when there's nothing else to wait

	Delete a paragraph from the doc that is no longer true about
	delayed returns when mixing captured and non-captured jobs.

2003-03-21  Jonathan Kamens  <jik@jik2.kamens.brookline.ma.us>

	* Jobs.pm: Use File::Temp for generating temporary file during

2003-03-18  Jonathan Kamens  <jik@kamens.brookline.ma.us>

	* Jobs.pm: Bump version number to 0.04.

	* README, Jobs.pm (start_job): Allow "-" to be specified as the
	command if IPC::Open3 supports it.  Contributed by Adam Spiers

2002-12-08  Jonathan Kamens  <jik@kamens.brookline.ma.us>

	* Jobs.pm: Mention that you can get output events after the exit

2002-10-31  Jonathan Kamens  <jik@kamens.brookline.ma.us>

	* Jobs.pm: Bump version number to 0.03.

	* Jobs.pm: Bug fixes from Paul GABORIT <gaborit@enstimac.fr> --
	read output and close file handles from children who have already
	exited, to avoid running out of file descriptors or missing output
	when a child exits before we've had time to read its output.

2002-06-13  Jonathan Kamens  <jik@kamens.brookline.ma.us>

	* Jobs.pm: Increase version number to 0.02.

	The documentation should say to call Parallel::Jobs functions as
	functions, not methods.

	Document that start_job and watch_jobs can be exported.

	Be resilient to the possibility of being called incorrectly as a
	method rather than a function.

2002-06-13  Jonathan Kamens  <jik@kamens.brookline.ma.us>

	* 1.t: Call Parallel::Jobs::test as a function, not a method.

2002-06-13  Jonathan Kamens  <jik@kamens.brookline.ma.us>

	* Initial release, version 0.01.