Revision history for Perl module Parallel::Scoreboard

0.08 2016-12-12
 - do not report failure if temporary directory is created by another process #11
 - do not call `use_test_base` #10

0.07 2015-01-26
 - do not include MYMETA.* in the distribution

0.06 2015-01-26
 - create workspace directory by using mkpath instead of mkdir (tolid)
 - fixed a warning that could occur during global destruction when an attribute in the scoreboard object was destroyed before the object itself (Dave Rolsky)

0.05 2014-04-09
 - when cleaning up obsolete scoreboard files, ignore errors when another process cleaned up the file at the same time (Karen Etheridge)

0.04 2013-08-19
 - fix seek error (thanks to hirose31)
 - support non-numeric ids (thanks to hirose31)

0.03 2011-01-24
 - added callback "worker_id" that can be used for distiguishing workers other than using pids

0.02 2010-07-04
 - fix incompatibility with Solaris (LOCK_EX not possible on read-only file handles)
 - scripts may now call fork(2) after calling Parallel::Scoreboard::update()

0.01 2010-07-02
 - initial release