Revision history for Perl extension Params::CallbackRequest.

1.20  2011-06-23T05:47:01
      - Moved repostitory to
      - Switched to a "traditional" `Makefile.PL`.

1.19  2008-06-23T18:00:43
      - Fixed a pasto in the "Support" section of the documentaion, and added
        that section to all of the modules in this distribution.
      - Fixed Perl 5.6 requirement to be properly detected by earlier Perls.
        Thanks to Slaven Rezic for testing on Perl 5.5.

1.18  2008-05-03T23:44:20
      - Updated POD test to take advantage of Test::Pod 1.20 or later.
      - Reformatted the code a bit.
      - Added a link to the Subversion repository.

1.17  2007-03-27T16:21:34
      - Updated copyright date.
      - Now requiring (rather than recommending) Class::ISA and
        Attribute::Handlers, since the module requires Perl 5.6 or later
        anyway, and virtually no one will want to use the module without these
        modules. Test failure report from David Cantrell.

1.16  2007-03-26T21:25:17
      - Fixed a bug detecting mod_perl2. Reported by Jimmy Li.
      - Fixed a bug in the redirect() method under mod_perl2. Report and fix
        from Jimmy Li.
      - Added the "configure_requires" parameter to Build.PL and added
        Test::Pod to the "recommends" parameter.

1.15  2006-05-26T21:28:55
      - Added the 'requester' attribute to Params::Callback. This can be
        specified by passing the 'requester' parameter to request(), and can
        be anything.

1.14  2006-03-02T20:07:28
      - Removed an unnecessary eval block around the loading of Class::ISA
        and Attribute::Handlers that would prevent the failure of either of
        those modules to load to propagate.
      - Fixed typo in the Synopsis spotted by Scott Lanning.
      - Added support for mod_perl2, as well as mod_perl 1 and mod_perl 1.99.

1.13  2004-04-20T18:29:37
      - Apache 2 compatability added thanks to Fred Moyer.

1.12  2004-03-15T15:27:54
      - No longer using a Params::Validate callback to transform a value,
        since that's not a supported feature of Params::Validate and it led
        to problems on some platforms.

1.11  Wed Oct  8 19:27:32 2003
      - Fixed execution of pre and post callbacks so that they execute in the
        order in which they're declared. Thanks to Perl 5.8.1 for rubbing my
        nose in this one!

1.10  Mon Sep  8 21:15:42 2003
      - Code moved over from MasonX::ApacheHandler::WithCallbacks, which is
        deprecated. Differences from that class are as follows.
      - Code from MasonX::ApacheHandler::WithCallbacks has been migrated to
      - Code from MasonX::CallbackHandler has been migrated to
      - MasonX::CallbackTester has been removed, since it isn't necessary
        in a non-mod_perl environment.
      - Created Params::CallbackRequest::Exceptions to create all of the exception
        classes used by Params::CallbackRequest. These no longer inherit from
        HTML::Mason::Exception, of course, but from Exception::Class::Base.
      - Renamed the "exec_null_cb_values" parameter to "ignore_nulls". It is
        now false by default, and you pass a true value to enable it. Thus the
        semantics are the opposite of "exec_null_cb_values", but the result is
        the same.
      - Renamed the "cb_exception_handler" to "exception_handler", since it's
        now obvious that it applies to callbacks.
      - Changed the request_args() accessor from MasonX::CallbackHandler to
        params() in Params::Callback, to reflect the idea that this is a
        generic parameter-triggered callback architecture.
      - Replaced the ah() accessor, since the callback controller isn't a
        Mason ApacheHandler anymore, with cb_request() in Params::Callback.
      - Replaced the "exec_null_cb_values" parameter from
        MasonX::ApacheHandler::WithCallbaks, which had defaulted to true, with
        "ignore_nulls" in Params::CallbackRequest, which defaults to false.
      - Added notes() to manage per-request notes. Pass a true value to the
        "leave_notes" parameter to new() to allow notes to persist beyond
        calls to request(). In such cases, use clear_notes() to manually clear
        the notes.