Revision history for Params-Lazy

0.005   2013-09-19T13:20:11:-0300
        * Top-level caller() now works on <5.18
        * delay do { eval {die}; sub { $lexical } } no
          longer crashes.
        * Delayed code that calls XS-level croak() now functions
          correctly under PERL_DESTRUCT_LEVEL=2
        * Threading now works on Perls newer than 5.19.3.

0.004   2013-09-18T03:48:49:-0300
        * Delaying an expression that doesn't return anything,
          like a regular expression that didn't match, and then
          running force() in scalar context will now correctly
          return undef, instead of picking the topmost value of
          the stack.
        * Delayed expressions now have the original @_ in scope;
          this allows things like 'delay shift;' or
          'delay function($_[0], $_[3], 10)' to DTRT.
          The old behavior is still accessible through
          'no Params::Lazy q(caller_args)', primarily for speed:
          Some dumbbenching shows the no-caller-args version to be
          around 20% faster.
          This fixes #87940.
        * Initial threading support. Experimental!
        * delay sub { $lexical } and the like now work, at least in
          5.18.  In older perls, they work but with some caveats --
          see the documentation for more information.
        * force() now inlines itself as a custom op in even
          more Perls.
        * delay eval '$foo' will no longer see delayer's lexicals.
        * __SUB__ should now return the correct value.
        * Minor test fixups, proper skips for 5.8.

0.003   2013-08-17T08:23:23:-0300
        * force() may now inline itself as a custom op.
        * The deferred op is now treated as if run within a
          pseudoblock, or an eval block in 5.8.
        * Windows support

0.002   2013-08-16T15:34:47:-0300
        * Delaying a range should no longer crash
        * Delayed goto's are now correctly disallowed in 5.18
        * Lexical $_ tests no longer emmit deprecation warnings
        * New meta-test should catch stack corruptions

0.001   2013-08-13T14:41:16:-0300
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.