2018-07-12      1.40    Add support for validate_with
                          (see https://github.com/DrHyde/perl-modules-Params-Validate-Dependencies/pull/8)
                        Accept a hashref as first arg to validate
                          (see https://github.com/DrHyde/perl-modules-Params-Validate-Dependencies/pull/9)
                        Improve error reporting
                          (see https://github.com/DrHyde/perl-modules-Params-Validate-Dependencies/pull/10)

2017-05-23      1.32    D::D's deps have been fixed

2016-11-10      1.31    Work around Data::Domain's dependencies being
                          broken on perl 5.24 - just skip the tests

2016-10-05      1.30    Add 'exclusively' validator;
                        Fix quoting of strings with embedded quotes in
                          auto-generated doco;
                        Minor doco fixes;
                        Minor test improvements

2015-09-25      1.23    Bugfix. Make a deep copy of P::V::EXPORT_TAGS
                          before messing with its contents, see github
                          issue 4

2015-03-20      1.22    Modern Data::Domain only works on perl 5.10,
                          so be a bit tricksy about testing and
                          declaring it as a pre-req

2013-06-16      1.21    Bugfix. UNIVERSAL::can($class, 'can') always
                          returns true in 5.18, even if the class has
                          never been seen before. Now check for class
                          existence by checking its @ISA

2013-06-12      1.2     validate() now returns what it checked, like

2012-11-26      1.13    Changes in D::D::D to cope with incompatible
                          changes in new Data::Domain

2011-09-02      1.12    Bugfix Documenter.pm to replace *all* underscores
                          in function names

2011-09-01      1.11    Reduce dependency versions (this is mostly for my
                          employer's benefit - no functional changes)

2011-08-22      1.1     Make *_of self-documenting

2011-08-17      1.00    Initial release