0.004     2014-03-30 21:43:21 America/Los_Angeles


      - Added a refresh() method that clears the permission hash
      if the file on disk is newer.  New permissions will be
      loaded lazily.

0.003     2013-12-26 23:15:35 America/Los_Angeles

      [BUG FIXES]

      - Fix test failures that resulted from hash randomization
      which started in perl 5.18.  Thanks to ANDK for bringing
      this to my attention.

0.002     2013-08-04 19:21:02 America/Los_Angeles


      - The constructor now accepts either a filename or a directory
      as a paramter.  If a directory, it is assumed that the 06perms
      file will be in the usual place within that directory.

0.001     2013-05-25 14:27:12 America/Los_Angeles
      Initial release.