version 0.007; 2012-02-05

  * bugfix: on Perls prior to 5.13.7, avoid source string being mutated
    by parser plugin code such as Devel::Declare

  * bugfix: on Perl 5.15.2 and above, avoid failure of a new assertion,
    by using parse_stmtseq() rather than GRAMPROG

  * port to Perl 5.15.5: PL_curstash is now reference-counted

  * trigger custom op generation via Devel::CallChecker rather than by
    hooking the underlying op checker

  * new tests for context handling

  * test $[ as part of lexical environment on Perls 5.15.5 and above,
    where it has been reimplemented in the arybase module, with a
    workaround for a bug in arybase

  * test $[ as part of lexical environment on Perls 5.15.0 up to 5.15.2,
    where it was previously expected to be removed but actually wasn't

  * jump through another hoop to duck the compiler warning previously
    noted to be unavoidable

  * convert .cvsignore to .gitignore

version 0.006; 2011-09-05

  * port to Perl 5.15.1: pad_findmy_sv() is in the API, replacing the
    provisional API pad_findmy()

  * include META.json in distribution

  * add MYMETA.json to .cvsignore

version 0.005; 2010-11-21

  * bugfix: on Perl 5.13.3 and above, maintain CvSTASH backrefences

  * port to Perl 5.13.7: lex_start() is in the API and the meaning of
    its third parameter changes; lex_end() disappears; cop_hints_hash
    can be manipulated through a new API

  * in XS, declare "PROTOTYPES: DISABLE" to prevent automatic generation
    of unintended prototypes

  * jump through hoops to avoid compiler warnings, and add a comment
    about an unavoidable compiler warning

version 0.004; 2010-10-21

  * port to Perl 5.13.6: append_elem() (newly in the API) renamed to

  * in XS, provide a reserve definition of croak, so that the Perl_croak
    circumlocution is avoided even with PERL_CORE defined

version 0.003; 2010-09-20

  * port to Perl 5.13.5: yyparse() takes a parameter

  * don't skip tests for $[ on 5.13 and the future 5.14, now that $[
    won't be removed until 5.15

  * in XS, use gv_stashpvs() wherever appropriate

  * use full stricture in test suite

  * in test suite, make all numeric comparisons against $] stringify it
    first, to avoid architecture-dependent problems with floating point
    rounding giving it an unexpected numeric value

  * in Build.PL, complete declaration of configure-time requirements

version 0.002; 2010-07-20

  * make current_environment operator compile correctly when imported
    lexically via Lexical::Import

  * port to Perl 5.13.3: use CvGV_set()

  * correct order of parse_perl() parameters in synopsis

  * small doc rewording

  * in XS, use PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT for efficiency

  * in XS, use macros to avoid explicit passing of aTHX, in the manner
    of the core

  * add MYMETA.yml to .cvsignore

version 0.001; 2009-11-22

  * port to Perl 5.11.2: different usage for pad_findmy()

  * in Build.PL, explicitly declare configure-time requirements

version 0.000; 2009-10-20

  * initial released version