v3.05 (2017/03/23)
--Forgot to update minimum version for Class::EHierarchy in Makefile.PL

v3.04 (2017/03/23)
--Rewrite to adapt to new Class::EHierarchy API

v3.03 (2016/08/09)
--Minor bug fixed in which an error found by the parser is reset by any 
  any good blocks afterwards
--Typos in documentation (found by Debian Perl Group)

v3.02 (2016/05/26)
--Improved Makefile.PL to better report on requirements
--Removed Carp dependency
--Added error method to store last error string
--Added prototyped method to retrieve all or specific prototyped properties

v3.00 (2016/05/10)
--Complete rewrite targetted towards ease-of-use for developers
--Parsing objects are now subclasses
--Added new here document capability
--Simplified API
--I/O handled by latest Paranoid::IO release
--Internal class logic managed by Class::EHierarchy

v2.06 (2008/07/07)
--write method was always reporting true when it's possible that it could
  fail for various reasons.  Fixed to reflect actual result
--write method now detaints filename before calling open

v2.05 (2008/04/29)
--Updated debug messages since Paranoid now adds calling function

v2.02 (2006/07/25)
--Fixed AUTOPURGE (didn't work since it was looking for old key PURGE)
--Added new method readIfNewer

v2.01 (2006/07/21)
--Forgot to implement documented MAX_BYTES.  Fixed.
--Wasn't saving all errors to Parse::PlainConfig::ERROR as documented.  Fixed.

v2.0 (2006/05/26)
--Complete rewrite
--Built against Paraniod::* modules
--Internal diagnostics provided via Paraniod::Debug
--Smart parser mode added
--Forced coercion now available for all datatypes (strings, lists, hashes)
--Lists and hash delimiters can now be user-defined