2017-06-23  Dave Cross <dave@perlhacks.com>

	* lib/Parse/RPM/Spec.pm: Removed extra whitespace

2015-07-18  Dave Cross <dave@perlhacks.com>

	* .gitignore, .travis.yml, MANIFEST.SKIP: Added .gitignore,
	  .travis.yml and MANIFEST.SKIP

2015-07-17  Dave Cross <dave@perlhacks.com>


2013-08-20  Justin Cook <jscook@users.noreply.github.com>

	* lib/Parse/RPM/Spec.pm: Update Spec.pm  Fixed a typo in POD

2011-10-03  Dave Cross <dave@perlhacks.com>

	* lib/Parse/RPM/Spec.pm: Made the spec parser more configurable (and
	  a little more efficient).
	* lib/Parse/RPM/Spec.pm: Fix typo in documentation.

2010-07-11  Dave Cross <dave@perlhacks.com>

	* lib/Parse/RPM/Spec.pm: Fixed docs to reflect previous fix.
	* lib/Parse/RPM/Spec.pm: Change Source to return an array of sources
	  (Thanks to Vadim Vatlin for the suggestion).

2010-02-17  Dave Cross <dave@perlhacks.com>

	* lib/Parse/RPM/Spec.pm: Version 0.07
	* lib/Parse/RPM/Spec.pm: Added some docs to placate

2010-02-10  Dave Cross <dave@perlhacks.com>

	* lib/Parse/RPM/Spec.pm: Bump to version 0.06.
	* lib/Parse/RPM/Spec.pm, t/file.spec, t/parse-rpm-spec.t: Added
	  support for Epoch field. And tests for it.

2010-02-09  Dave Cross <dave@perlhacks.com>

	* lib/Parse/RPM/Spec.pm: Bump version.
	* lib/Parse/RPM/Spec.pm, t/parse-rpm-spec.t: Parse the summary
	  correctly. Added a test for that.

2009-10-27  Dave Cross <dave@perlhacks.com>

	* Build.PL: Removed version defintion (use one from .pm)
	* lib/Parse/RPM/Spec.pm, t/parse-rpm-spec.t: Version 0.04. Handle
	  BuildArch definition. Thanks to Steve Goldner for pointing out the

2009-08-30  Dave Cross <dave@perlhacks.com>

	* Build.PL, lib/Parse/RPM/Spec.pm: Add Moose as a requirement. Bump
	  version number to 0.03 for release.

2009-07-25  Dave Cross <dave@perlhacks.com>

	* lib/Parse/RPM/Spec.pm: Made file attribute mandatory.
	* MANIFEST, t/{Parse-RPM-Spec.t => parse-rpm-spec.t}: Renamed test
	* t/pod.t, t/pod_coverage.t: Added pod tests.
	* Build.PL: Bump version number.
	* Changes: Removed generated file.
	* README, README.xml: Changed README to text file.
	* t/Parse-RPM-Spec.t: Changes to support the Moose version.
	* lib/Parse/RPM/Spec.pm: Switch to using Moose.

2008-08-25  Dave Cross <dave@perlhacks.com>

	* README, README.xml: Removed README and added README.xml
	* MANIFEST: Various changes
	* lib/Parse/RPM/Spec.pm: Added documentation
	* Build.PL, Changes, MANIFEST, README, lib/Parse/RPM/Spec.pm, t
	  /Parse-RPM-Spec.t, t/file.spec: Initial revision