Revision history for Perl extension Parse::Readelf.

0.18	(12.05.2015)
	fixed regexp in test for Perl 5.22

0.17	(12.07.2013)
	fix for bad sort order when using display_nested_items

0.16	(06.04.2013-09.04.2013)
	Fix for multidimensional arrays

0.15	(26.12.2012-05.04.2013)
	added support for some more TAGs and attributes
	fixed missing include directive and added test in example source
	added first (experimental) support for Dwarf-4

0.14	(12.03.2012-03.10.2012)
	introduced constants for result tupel and fixed documentation (63778)

0.13	(12.03.2012)
	fixed bug with C typedefs (66776)

0.12	(09.03.2012)
	fixed tests for Carp >= 1.25

0.11	(26.11.2011)
	removed some intermediate paranoia checks

0.10	(15.03.2010-10.08.2011)
	fixed tests for MSWin without "cat"
	improved robustness of tail of expected error messages
	added possible wildcards and strings to recognition of const values

0.09	(21.01.2010)
	fixed bad results for empty regular expression in item_ids_matching

0.08	(21.12.2009)
	yet another missing "attribute to be ignored" found

0.07	(21.12.2009)
	fixed regexp for 1 byte locations
	added missing ignored attribute

0.06	(11.11.2009-20.12.2009)
	avoid SIGPIPE on close in tests 63++ of Parse-Readelf-Debug-Info.t
	fixed installation INC path in example
	fixed regexps to recognise changed output of newer readelf
	fixed sort order for structure layout
	added special handling of items with info for other items

0.05	(19.05.2009-30.05.2009)
	support of newer readelf/objdump versions
	example script now supports STDIN
	added support of volatile TAG, bugfix of postfixes

0.04	(05.04.2008-30.04.2009)
	hopefully fixed tests for Windows
	added Build.PL

0.03	(03.11.2007-10.12.2007)
	rebuild with newer MakeMaker, added missing ignored TAG

0.02	(27.09.2007-31.09.2007)
	fixed test to work with Perl version 5.6, added POD tests

0.01	(21.01.2007-10.09.2007)
	first version supporting printing of structure layout