Revision history for Keyring::Auto

0.7201	2015-12-10
    	#1 Added for good BitBucket presentation

	    #3 Disabled most tests if run under root, as running them in such context
	    just caused various failures.

        (maintainer-related) Disabled python version hook, UpdateVersion Extension
        is to be used instead.

0.72	2015-02-25
   	    Fixed error (wrong skip) in one of the tests.

0.71	2015-01-30
        Adding dependency on Moo version which handles
        string defaults (to resolve issues reported on Moo

0.70    2015-01-24

        Environment variables shortened to PASSWD_KEYRING_CONFIG,

        Initial release of passwd_keyring helper script. Current
        version supports config-file related activities (create,
        spawn editor on, show settings summary).

        Fixed problems with cpan install due to wrong test.

0.3003  2015-01-15

        Fixed bug introduced in 0.30: password group and app name were
        not passed to backends, therefore all passwords were saved
        in default group.

0.3001  2015-01-12

        Updated missing dependencies.

0.30    2015-01-12

        Introduced configuration file support (and documented how it
        is related to other config methods).

        Tuned and documented priority of various ways of configuring 
        preferred backends.

        Noticeable internal changes (which should not, except 
        better logging, have impact on external behaviour).

0.2801  2015-01-08

        Support for new environment variable. 
        PASSWD_KEYRING_AUTO_FORCE can be set to short name of keyring
        which must be used no matter what. If it is present, only this
        backend is considered.

        Passwd::Keyring::Auto->new handles named parameters force,
        prefer and forbid - appropriately enforced backend, list of
        preferred backends, list of forbidden backends. This way 
        module behaviour can also be impacted from the code.

        Documentation improvements.

0.2704  2015-01-06

        Added kwalitee testing and making some tests happier. No
        functionality changes.  

        Fixed recommended modules on OSX (no more KDE and Gnome
        recommendation there).

0.2703  2012-11-27

        Better name for example, installing it in share dir for easier

        Dropping problematic tests. No way to guess whether KDEWallet
        is indeed available.

0.2702  2012-11-22

        Added empty package to make linking documentation on CPAN
        easier, as suggested in first comment to

0.2701  2012-11-20

        Fixed some test failures reported by cpantesters (removed
        unneeded import of Test::Exception, added conditionals
        checking whether loaded keyring is persistent and can be
        tested for data recovery by separate object).

0.27    2012-11-11

        Support for loading OSXKeychain backend on Mac OS/X (darwin) platform.

        Added standalone non-trivial example.

        get_keyring is exported by default.

        Improved keyring selection code structure (introducing concept
        of scoring etc)..

        environment variables.

        Handling PASSWD_KEYRING_AUTO_DEBUG variable, if it is set, we
        emit some diagnostics of what we pick.

        Terminology fixes in docs and param names (realm instead of service/domain)

        Recommended modules are picked according to the current platform.

0.2602  2012-11-09

        Documentation updates

0.2601  2012-11-08

        Small documentation fixes, more info in CPAN metadata

0.26    2012-11-08

        Updated location of KeyringAPI document.

0.25    2012-11-08

        Added support for KDEWallet as alternative for Linux desktops.

0.24    2012-11-08

        Clarifying meaning of app and group parameters.

0.23    2012-11-08

        Documented keyring backends API (L<Passwd::Keyring::KeyringAPI>).
        Tests properly clean created passwords.

0.21    2012-11-04

        First version.