Revision history for Perinci-Access-Base

0.33    2015-09-06 (PERLANCAR)

	- No functional changes.

	- [dist] Move spec prereqs from RuntimeRequires to
	  DevelopRecommends to reduce deps but still allow indicating spec

0.32    2014-10-24 (PERLANCAR)

	- Add attribute: riap_version.

0.31    2014-10-23 (PERLANCAR)

	- Add support for Riap 1.2.

0.30     2013-09-08 (SHARYANTO)

         - Use URI::Split to pre-split uri for subclasses, provide

0.29     2013-08-22 (SHARYANTO)


         - Remove _init() to make new() dead-simple. Subclasses should override
           and do additional stuffs as needed.


         - Add some more docs.

0.28     2012-08-10 (SHARYANTO)

         - First release, split to make Perinci dist empty (that dist was a
           growing mixed bag and caused headache in dependencies).