Revision history for Perl extension App::perlbuild

1.10 2014-09-29T06:54:29Z

    - support PERL_BUILD_COMPILE_OPTIONS env (charsbar)

1.09 2014-09-24T02:46:59Z

    - add support for install blead from perl5.git snapshot
      (charsbar, syohex)

1.08 2014-06-09T02:57:17Z

    - requires newer Pod::Usage for fixing a dependencies error on perl-5.8
    - change shebang of perl-build command

1.07 2014-06-05T07:02:16Z

    - Change default cpan mirror to
    - use perl-releases page instead of scraping
    - update github raw content URI

1.06 2014-04-04T01:11:10Z

    commit e04fcb3280188992fb3ebf85bf93ca11391b08ef
    Author: tokuhirom <>
    Date:   Tue Nov 5 09:02:09 2013 +0900

        Support -D,-A,-U,-j as a first argument.

    commit 2c59fa4836d6dab57b1fe079f4e0ca1ff5350f01
    Author: Katsuhiro KONISHI <>
    Date:   Thu Oct 17 17:43:07 2013 +0900

        change /usr/bin/perl to $^X

1.05 2013-09-04T01:46:13Z

    - document `--test` option.
    - Tweaks needed for conformance with CPAN::Changes::Spec
      (Neil Bowers)
    - plenv-install: Use 'permute' option for Getopt::Long::Parser
      It allows `plenv install 5.18.1 -Dusedtrace --as 5.18.1-dtrace`.
      This issue was reported by hanekomu.

1.04 2013-08-13T00:03:11Z

    - Added --as option for plenv-install command
    - fix case for PLENV_ROOT environment variable in plenv-uninstall
      (Akihiro Uchida)
    - Provide plenv completions. Closed #13

1.03 2013-05-31T00:35:58Z

    - It works well as plugin for plenv.

1.01 2013-05-29T21:27:28Z

    - Added --symlink-devel-executables option.
    - Added --version option

1.00 2013-05-29T09:01:22Z

    - `--definitions` and #available_versions returns version number without 'perl-' prefix.

0.21 2013-05-28T14:35:30Z

    - Added `--definitions` option. This option is same as ruby-build.

0.20 2013-05-17T00:46:48Z

    - use 'test_harness' for parallel testing.
    - Added --tarball-dir option

0.19 2013-05-16T02:17:08Z

    - no feature changes

0.18 2013-05-16T01:51:30Z

    - Support --jobs for parallel building.
    - Install from url

0.17 2013-04-05T08:36:20Z

    - Perl::Build::Built::new should take HashRef
      Broken at 0.16.

0.16 2013-04-04T04:08:37Z

    - Add a Built package and integrate it into
      (Kent Fredric)

0.15 2013-04-01T01:55:25Z

    - Grammar fix and Typo fixes.
      (Mark Stosberg)

0.14 2013-03-31T07:23:51Z

    - Documentation enhancements suggested by markstos

0.13 2013-03-29T23:46:30Z

    - add to support build-dir command-line option

0.12 2013-03-28T07:52:13Z

    - packaging, again.
      Back to Module::Build from Module::Build::Tiny.

0.11 2013-03-28T02:45:03Z

    - re-packaging

0.10 2013-03-27T12:08:57Z

    - Perl5 installs public executable scripts(like `prove`) to /usr/local/share/
      if it exists.
      This -A'eval:scriptdir=$prefix/bin' option avoid this feature.
      (Reported by moznion++)

0.09 2013-03-27T05:13:03Z

    - Remove 'patchperl' option in OO APIs.
      Use Devel::PatchPerl as a library.

0.08 2013-03-22T20:32:06

    - minil-ized

0.06 2013-03-10T10:37:42

    - Depend to latest Devel::PatchPerl
      It removes dependency for IPC::Cmd.

0.05 2013-02-01T15:00:50

    commit 1d9912144703e31079ac71f56e0616af4bddee77
    Author: Syohei YOSHIDA <>
    Date:   Wed Jan 30 13:58:05 2013 +0900

    Fixed for parsing command line arguments

      - Loop for @D, @A, @U makes no sense
      - Remove '--' if @ARGV contains it(See also Getopt::Long document).

0.04 2013-01-24T12:19:57

    - switch to HTTP::Tiny

0.03 2013-01-23

    - support relative path to install tar ball

    - more documentations

0.01 2013-01-12T17:18:43
    - original version