Changes file for Perl::Critic::Policy::logicLAB::ProhibitShellDispatch

0.05 2015-08-20

- Upgraded from artistic license 1.0 to artistic license 2.0

- Migrated from Module::Build to Dist::Zilla

- Updated coverage report

- Fixed bug in URL pointing to bug reporting facility [PCPLPSD-10]

0.04 2014-01-24

- Specified minimum version of Perl (5.8.0) in Build.PL for meta consumption
  and kwalitee (cpants gaming)

- Changed repository to Github

0.03 2013-12-27 Bug fix release, update recommended

- Specified minimum version of Perl (5.8.0)

- Addressed bug report: RT:91542, Net::OpenSSH's system method would trigger a violation [PCPLPSD-7]

- Added changes.t automatic assertion of the integrity of the Changes file, 
  see also PCPLPSD-5 [PCPLPSD-6]

0.02 2013-07-25 Maintenance release, update not required

- Changes Perl::Critic theme to logicLAB as default [PCPLPSD-3]

- Adding a Changes file as part of my Questhub quest adhering to the standard
  described in: CPAN::Changes::Spec [PCPLPSD-5]


0.01 2011-04-11 Initial release

- Initial release