Revision history for PerlIO-Layers

0.011     2014-03-07 15:20:03CET+0100 Europe/Amsterdam
          Got rid of natatime/List::MoreUtils
          Remove problematic test on Windows

0.010     2012-04-05 15:20:18 Europe/Amsterdam
          Prevent segfault that happened on some systems

0.009     2012-04-04 22:56:42 Europe/Amsterdam
          Fixed fatal error on Windows on perl 5.14+
          Added get_buffer_sized method
          Added line_buffered and autoflush checks
          Increased minimal perl version to 5.8.1, as that's when PerlIO::get_layers was introduced.

0.008     2011-05-01 22:40:59 Europe/Bucharest 
          No longer assume :raw can't be can_crlf for perl 5.14 compatibility
          Converted to Dist::Zilla

0.007   2010-12-21
        Made layer type queryable
        Made layer 'kinds' queryable
        Added lots of tests

0.006   2010-12-12
        Added mappable and mapped tests
        Added unit tests

0.005   2010-09-08
        Fixed unit tests on Windows

0.004   2010-09-06
        Added get_layers()

0.003   2010-06-12
        Skip some tests on automated testers, as stdin/stdout/stderr may not be open

0.002   2010-06-04
        Removed dependency on namespace::clean.

0.001   2010-06-03
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.