version 0.003; 2017-07-27

  * avoid declaration-after-statement in C code (not valid in C90)

  * no longer include a Makefile.PL in the distribution

  * in t/partial.t, muffle "unable to close filehandle" warnings that are
    (correctly) generated from Perl 5.21.6 onwards

  * in test suite, check success of open() operations

  * in documentation, use four-column indentation for all verbatim

  * in META.{yml,json}, point to public bug tracker

  * use cBOOL() where appropriate

  * remove some stray commented-out code from t/partial.t

  * convert .cvsignore to .gitignore

version 0.002; 2011-07-12

  * restore portability to Perl versions preceding 5.8.8, which was
    broken by compiler warning avoidance code

version 0.001; 2011-07-11

  * in XS, declare "PROTOTYPES: DISABLE" to prevent automatic generation
    of unintended prototypes

  * jump through hoops to avoid compiler warnings

  * remove extraneous dependencies from Build.PL

  * remove extraneous variables from C code

  * use full stricture in test suite

  * in Build.PL, complete declaration of configure-time requirements

  * include META.json in distribution

  * add MYMETA.json to .cvsignore

version 0.000; 2010-07-17

  * initial released version