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// Revision history for PerlPoint-Converters.

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// See also: ./doc/Changes.htm
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=Version 1.0.205 07/02/2006

* New option for pp2latex: --section-sequence

* New option for pp2html: --tpl_define
  This allows to use user defined names in template files. The effect ist that tpl_define names
  in template files are automatically replaced with the value from the corresponding option:

     --tpl_define "bg_main_wd #FFCCBB"

     This will replace BG_MAIN_WD with #FFCCBB in all template
     files from a style.

* Now it is possible to specify a class name for tables. This is useful when you want to use a css style sheet:

Style Sheet:

  .mytable {


  \TABLE{class="mytable" separator="|"}
  \B<Head1> | \B<Head2>
   text1    | text 2
   text1.1  | text 2.1

=Version 1.0204  25/02/2005

* better docu (less is more)

=Version 1.0203  20/02/2005

* even more patches from Jochen and J├╝rgen Christoffel

* Testsuite enhanced (not yet finished)

* new option: --java_script_controls which allows to use keys "n", "p", "s", "i"
  and left mouse button for navigation.

=Version 1.0202  19/11/2003

* Patches 10 - 20 from Jochen Stenzel (JSTENZEL)


* Option \C<includelib>

* Option \C<author>

* Option \C<description>

* Option \C<charset>

* Option \C<norobots>

* Option \C<nosmarttags>

* Option \C<linknavigation>

* Option \C<bootstrapaddress>

* Option \C<validate>

* Option \C<startaddress>

* Option \C<no_html_header>

* Option \C<no_html_bodytags>


* Option \C<--reverse_order> for reverse order numbering of slides.

* Test-Suite changed. Use .ref files in HTML Format instead of
  md5 checksums. This needs more space, but it's much easier to maintain.
  (Escpecially if you are looking for errors, because now you have the
  reference files available to look into ...)

* \\X tag is now basic tag of PerlPoint (--> require PerlPoint::Parser 0.39)

* New FAQ questions for pp2html

* Enhanced test suite

* Included 9 patches for \C<pp2html> from Jochen Stenzel

* --mv2targetdir Option: Images are moved to target dir

* Documentation in \C<./doc/PPDOC> is now self-contained, i. e. it is
possible to move this directory somewhere else. There are no longer references
pointing to ../../.. (in the last version the tree_applet sources were shared
by all documents but the source base was not a subdirectory of PPDOC ...)

* \\PAGE_COLORS{fg="#xxxxxx" bg="#xxxxxx"} Tag in PerlPoint::Tags::HTML

* Option --contents_indent=m\BR
  The option --no_contents_indent is now obsolete. You get the same result with
  --contents_indent=0 (which is the default). You must now use a value > 0 if you
  want to have the table of contents indented. \BR
  The new option influences the table of contents also in the case of tree_applet.
  In previous releases the tree applet TOC was not indented in any case.

* Bugfix in handling of \\LOCALTOC: Had problems with sub chapters of same name
  in different main chapters (e.g. Chapter1|Overview,  Chapter2|Overview)

* Function \C<relative_path> in Converters.pm, used for finding relative path from
  slide dir to image dir and applet source dir.

* New style: \C<mixed-mode> as an example for Presentations

* Keyword HEADLINE is expanded to page headline when used in template files. This is
  useful for top teplates, see \C<mixed-mode> style.

* new option \C<--bullets_align_middle>. Normally bullets will be aligned to top,
  but this does not look very well when the font size is large. In this case you
  might use C\<--bullets_align_middle> ...

* pp2latex: patches from Robert Inder included (thanks a lot :-)


* use prolog file if necessary


* __loaderpath__ removed: check if image has absolute path or is relative to cwd

=Version 1.01  12/19/2001

* Many changes ...

* Better documentation: run a "make" in \C<./doc> and look into the \C<./doc/PPDOC>

* Changes now in PerlPoint format; after "make test" see file \C<./doc/Changes.htm>

* \B<PerlPoint::Converters> module (docu and some common functions for converters)

* more keywords which are replaced with option values:










* use "\C<IMAGE_REF/LOGO_IMAGE_FILENAME>" in style template files

* Bug fixed: bullet images were not always copied to the
  image directory

* \C<SLIDE_PREFIX> and \C<SLIDE_SUFFIX> used in frameset templates

* \B<Bundle::PerlPoint> for easy installation via CPAN shell:

 % perl -MCPAN -e shell
 \U<cpan\>> install Bundle::PerlPoint

* javascript navigation now in a separate file which is included by the
  navigation templates files

* javascript navigation now uses fixed names for the frames instead of
  numbers (is now more independant from actual frameset layout)

* \\E< xxx > now be possible in headlines

* test suite uses md5 checksums over generated files

* Tag \\URL{url=target_name} (similar to \\L{url=target_name}<target_name>)

=Version 0.11.01   08/02/2001

*  Cleaning up the test suite (was broken in 0.11, sorry!)

=Version 0.11   07/28/2001

*  Bullet bug fixed: When there was no bullet list in the PerlPoint input file
   then in the table of contents all bullets were standard HTML <LI> tags even
   if bullet images had been specified.

*  minor help text bug fixed (==item --> =item)

*  \\BOXCOLORS can now have the option set=default which restores box_bg_color and
   box_fg_color to their original values (which had been set by options ...)

*  Evaluation of style and main options: Now the main options overwrite options from
   style directories.

*  edit_cfg.pl script added

*  replace LOGO_IMAG_FILENAME with $OPT{image_ref}/$OPT{logo_image_filename}

*  use reasonalble defaults for  TOP_RIGHT_TXT etc. in styles. They can now be
   overwritten by main options.

*  --start_page=filename option (default: index.htm)

*  new keywords for Templates to be replaced: TOP_BGCOLOR, BOT_BGCOLOR, ...

*  FAQ, and reference manual started, Getting Started added.
   Documentation starts to improve :-)

=Version 0.10   06/16/2001

*  Nested tags bug fixed: it was not possible to use \\I, \\C inside 
   a link \\L tag.
   NOTE: It is still not possible to have an \\X tag in the body of
         a \\L tag!

*  Require \C<PerlPoint::Parser 0.3427>

*  Using new tag definition Module: \C<PerlPoint::Tags::HTML, PerlPoint::Tags::LaTeX>

*  Comment with version numbers in each created file

*  Bugfix: \\C, \\I, \\B, ... etc in headers was not correctly handled in former versions

*  --box_border option (for border width of text boxes)

*  --style_sheet option (still as an experiment; the behaviour of pp2html may change
   when style sheets are used)

*  die when wrong options have been specified

*  workaround for bug in TreeApplet: / was not possible in headers.
   now slashes are replaced with commas.

*  Empty fields in tables are now filled with "&nbsp;" so that the border will be

*  --style_dir and --style options
   Support for styles (pre-defined sets of template and configuration files)

*  Bug with list indentation fixed: if the last item in a list is shifted (i.e.
   shift_level > 1) then the following text or block was indented. Now the
   shift_level is automatically reduced.

*  Some new Keywords which are replaced when templates are copied to the
   same for BASE, and LOGO_IMAGE_FILENAME;
   corresponding options: --top_left_txt, ...

*  Option --slide_md5: all filenames have the form 
*  Nested tables are now supported (see \C<PerlPoint::Parser> Docu)

*  Variables can now be used in template Files, see the ex_std_norm-top.tpl for an
   example: VAR(AUTHOR)

*  support of hierarchical anchor names for slide headers

*  pp2latex: fix for formatting of URLs included (thanks to Alex Sigel)

=Version 0.009   03/04/2001

*  require \C<PerlPoint::Parser 0.32>

*  new parameters --box_width and --filters for pp2html

*  URL_INDEX did point to last page, not to index (bug reported by
   Jeffrey Haemer)

*  Index entries format changed. Now they look like
      text ref1 [, ref2, ref3 ...]
   with "text" beeing the (multiple) index entry and ref1, ref2 ...
   beeing Hyperlinks as references. The text for the references is
   either the page number or the chapter number when the --num_headers
   option has been set.

*  Cleanup with templates. It has not been quite clear, what has to go
   to the HTML templates and what is generated by pp2html. For example
   the <BODY> line and the <HTML> tag. There were cases where the
   <HTML> header and the <BODY> line were duplicated, and a "cleanup"
   in version 0.008 even introduced a bug :-(
   So I decided to make it more clear. Please read the docu for
   pp2html (pp2html --help) and the ppdoc.pp file for more information
   about that. In short: <HTML>, <TITLE> and <BODY> lines are
   alway provided by pp2html (with options from outside passed through).
   HTML Template Files ONLY contain HTML text which is placed inside the

*  templates adapted

*  Continued numbered lists ( the ## paragraphs are now supported)

*  Shiftlevels are handled correctly

*  the \\BOXCOLOR and \\BOXTEXT Tags are obsolete now. Their syntax was
   not consistent: \\BOXCOLOR<green> has formerly been used to set the
   box color for code blocks. But normally all text in the tag body
   (between < and >) is part of the output and NOT a parameter to the
   tag. Tag parameters are specified in curly brackets. Therefore
   the new tag is:
   \\BOXCOLORS{bg=backgroundcolor fg=foregroundcolor}
   which replaces \\BOXCOLR<backgroundcolor> and \\BOXTEXT<foregroundcolor>

*  bugfix: escapes in code-blocks were inactive after embedded code

*  bugfix: URLs in pp2html were doubled in the output

*  workaround for TreeApplet Bug: Headers which contain a / are not allowed.
   Therefore all slashes are replaced with commas ...

*  Language parameter in \\EMBED{lang=html ...} is now caseinsensitive

*  Version information clarified: pp2html and pp2latex have individual version
   numbers (build numbers) and belong to a certain version of the 
   PerlPoint-Converters package.

*  Individual colors (foreground and background) for table of contents, index
   and normal slides, top and bottom templates: --bgcolor, --fgcolor, 
   --toc_bgcolor, --toc_fgcolor, --idx_bgcolor --idx_fgcolor
   --top_bgcolor, --top_fgcolor, --bot_bgcolor, --bot_fgcolor
   --top_linkcolor, --bot_linkcolor, --toc_linkcolor, --idx_linkcolor, ...

*  new options: --no_contents_indent, --no_contents_bullets
   This will prevent the table of contents from beeing indented by <UL> </UL> tags
   and the second option avoids bullets in front of each entry in the table of contents.

*  optional background images for normal slides, index and table of contents:
   --back_image, --toc_back_image, --idx_back_image
   --top_back_image, --bot_back_image

*  use Cwd instead of `pwd`

*  Images can now be part of an \\XREF tag!

*  \\IMAGE tag now supports BORDER=m option

*  XREF, PAGEREF and SECTIONREF now consider javascript navigation

*  --trans_table option re-implemented (had been part of an ancient version of pp2html)

*  different bullet images for different indentation levels
   --bullet option can be used more than once!

=Version 0.008   01/17/2001

*  README updated (Introduction and About PerlPoint-Converters)

*  Requires \C<PerlPoint::Parser 0.29>, and hence perl5.00503
   (Some earlier versions of the PerlPoint-Package needed perl5.6.0)

*  changes to pp2html:


*  Parameters for fgcolor, linkcolor, vlinkcolor, alinkcolor

*  Parameters for cache usage: --cache, --cacheCleanup

*  .cfg files adapted to new options


*  changes to pp2latex


*  POD Docu updated

*  --slide_dir parameter to be compatible with pp2html

*  --no_index

*  Parameters for cache usage: --cache, --cacheCleanup

*  no formatting in \\verbatim blocks

*  bugfix: version message now goes to STDERR


*  ppdoc.pp Dokumentation updated

=Version 0.007   12/10/2000

*  First version for CPAN

*  Name of the package changed from `pp2xx' to `PerlPoint-Converters'.
   The reason was that the Parser package had to change its name from `PP-Package'
   to `PerlPoint-Package' when being moved to the CPAN. To make it clear that the
   two packages are closely related, I decided to use the new name.

*  require 5.6.0 (because PerlPoint-Package-0.27 needs it, too)

*  Option "--safe_opcodes"

=Version 0.006   10/27/2000

*  \\EMBED  \\END_EMBED supported in pp2html

*  Templates changed (usage of karawane-50.gif)

*  Activated embedded perl code (use Safe)

*  pp2latex: rudimentary support of eps files:
   when you use \\IMAGE{src="filename.gif"} a file named "filename.eps" will be
   included in the tex file (if it exists ... :-)

*  ppdoc.pp updated (\\INCLUDE parser-paragraphs, parser-tags and parser-active-contents
   from Jochen Stenzel)

*  create the slide directory specified by --slide_dir as necessary

*  pp2latex: included first version of TABLE support (from Alexander Sigel)

*  --block_indent option for pp2html

*  --no_index option for pp2html

=Version 0.005   10/19/2000

*  name changed: pp2htm  --> pp2html

*  needs \C<PP::Parser 0.21>

*  handler for DPointItem

*  sorting in index has been corrected
   multiple index entries are now supported

*  parameter "file" in \\IMAGE tags renamed to "src" (for better consistency with HTML)

*  parameters "height" and "width" supported for \\IMAGE tags

*  parameter "face" supported for \\F tag

*  \\TABLE tags supported

*  handle shift paragraphs > and <

*  Bugfix: if there was no index, the last page was not processed !!

=Version 0.004   10/04/2000

*  \\IMAGE tag implemented

*  \\F tag implemented

*  Option --nav_template for navigation bar inside each page of a frame set

*  automatic insertion of anchor for each page (name of anchor is the page header)

*  Option --java_script_navigation

=Version 0.003   09/10/2000

*  first version with Makfile.PL support

=Version 0.002   08/04/2000

*  make_submission script enhanced

*  ppdoc.pp: first english version, not yet complete

=Version 0.001   08/03/2000

*  Initial version with first versions of make_submission, README
   and ex_* sample test cases