Revision history for Pg-BulkCopy

0.22    21 July 2015 Deprecated.
0.20    8 October 2012
	Switched Testing Config File format to Config::General.
	Switched tests to DBIx::Simple to eliminate dependency
	on depracated dbi wrapper.
0.17	February 2011
	Changed to Log::Handler instead of my own sloppy log manipulations.
	Debugging of Carp::Heavy errors. 
	My research indicates that Carp::Heavy hits an ancient Perl Bug that can't be fixed
	without breaking lots of other things, so instead of telling me something useful about
	a problem it just dies. Unfortunately Carp::Heavy is inherited. Experimentiation 
	indicates that undefined values are often at fault for triggering it. 
0.16	September 26, 2010
		Some Documentation updates.
0.15	August 18, 2010
		First stable version. Wrapper script still not implemented.
0.14	August 3, 2010 
		First version to be released on cpan