0.11    2013-04-01

- Added Pg::CLI::createdb and Pg::CLI::dropdb classes.

- Made the database argument optional for Pg::CLI::psql->run(). There are some
  options (like "psql -l") that don't require a database.

0.10    2013-02-13

- Make the pg_restore class actually work. Unlike other Pg CLI commands, with
  pg_restore the database is passed as "-d Foo", not as the final argument.

0.09    2013-02-05

- Added a Pg::CLI::pg_restore class.

0.08    2013-01-23

- The command running code now uses IPC::Run3::run3, so you can pass stdin,
  stdout, and stderr parameters to the psql and pg_dump ->run() methods. This
  is useful for passing in SQL to psql or capturing output from pg_dump, as
  well as capturing error output.

0.07    2010-11-27

- The version check caused the output of "$cmd --version" to be visible,
  instead of being captured.

0.06    2010-11-27

- Added a new parameter, require_ssl, for pg_dump and psql. If this is true,
  then the PGSSLMODE env var is set to "require" when connecting to the dbms.

0.05    2010-11-27

- The command line arguments for pg_dump and psql included -w, which only
  works on 8.4+. Now we check to see what version of the command line
  utilities we have, and only add -w when it's allowed. Reported by Getty.

0.04    2010-11-25

- Added a new class, Pg::CLI::pg_config.

- All classes now take an executable parameter so you can explicitly set the
  path to the executable. By default, classes look in the current path, and
  die if they cannot find the relevant executable.

0.03    2010-11-25

- The psql execute_file method now accepts a Path::Class::File object for the
  file name.

- The psql execute_file method reused the same default ref for options
  repeatedly, causing weird bugs.

0.02    2010-11-25

- Forget to list prereqs.

0.01    2010-11-24

- Initial release.