0.13   2019-08-24
       - Eliminate undefined value warning on template evaluation

0.12   2019-08-19
       - Increase Weasel::Driver::Mock dependency (TestDep) to be in line with
         the driver role version of this dist
       - Fix missing closing double quote in image title (logger index html)

0.11   2019-08-10
       - Correct Weasel::Session dependency; the minimum should be 0.11
         as that provides the 'state' attribute

0.10   2019-08-04
       - Add visual indication of features with failed scenarios
       - Run all scenarios of a feature in a single Weasel session
         when tagged @weasel-single-session' (opens the possibility of
         caching page assets)

0.09   2019-06-30
       - Add table of contents to feature log files
       - Report per-step completion status

0.08   2019-06-29
       - In the HTML logs, link to screenshots, even if those are in a
         separate directory (using relative URLs)
       - Add an index HTML file, for an overview of the feature logs
       - Don't generate empty screenshots at the start of a session
       - Eliminate logging of internal session interaction (e.g. screenshots)

0.07   2019-06-21
       - Change minimum Perl version to static declaration in dist.ini
       - Resolve undefined variable warnings with logging enabled
       - Add support for Test::BDD::Cucumber 0.57+
         (improved post-step extension hook)
       - Screenshot generation improvements:
         - no screenshots without logging
         - prevent screenshots from various features overwriting each other
         - add styling in html log for screenshots

0.06   2019-02-22
       - Actually write the HTML log when steps/scenarios/features
       - Improve default HTML log template
       - Anticipate change in T::B::C::Extension::post_step()'s
         '$failed' argument (which turns into '$result' in the
         hopefully near future)

0.05   2019-02-21
       - Add HTML logging of features/scenarios/steps interspersed
         with screenshots and web page interactions (driver commands)

0.04   2018-09-21
       - Check return values from 'syscalls' (open/close/print/etc)

0.03   2018-09-13
       - Clear text boxes/inputs before sending new input using the
         "When I enter ... into ..." step

0.02   2016-06-30

0.01   2016-06-23