Revision history for Perl extension Physics::Unit
See github repository for detailed revision history:

0.54 2016-07-01
  - Added overlooked mm shortcut (djerius)
  - Fix exponent operator bug (Timo Grodzinski)
  - Improved Changes file
  - Improved build system

0.52 2012-05-19
  - Minor pod tweaks

0.51 2012-05-17
  - Fix documentation auto-generation and linking (github #26)

0.05 2012-05-13
  - Use Module::Build rather than ExtUtils::MakeMaker
  - Added physics-unit utility script

0.04 2003-03-20
  - Changed several tests in unit.t to use RE matches instead of exact
    numerical equality for floating point numbers.  This should fix the
    failures that I got from some of the Perl testers on other
  - Took out "print 'Howdy!'" from  ooops!  I had put that
    in there to make sure that when developing, I was using the correct
    copy of the module.
  - Removed the example script  It didn't really do
    anything unique.
  - Simplified eg/, and moved some of its test code into
  - Created eg/, which turns on debugging when given the
    '-d' command-line option.  I took this feature out of,
    in order to make the latter as simple as possible.
  - Similarly, I created eg/, and simplified
  - Ditto for eg/ and eg/
  - Fixed eg/ - changed "lb" to "lbm" in the mass.
  - Added lots of tests to t/scalar.t:  everything that was in
    eg/ and eg/
  - I took all the test statements out of the examples:  things like
    "die if ...".  This cleans up the examples.  Wherever it made sense,
    I moved those tests into the test scripts, and converted them to use
    the Test::More functions.
  - Added an example of automagic determination of a scalar type to the documentation.
  - I fixed the automatic generation of scalar type.  This example from
    the documentation:
      $d = new Physics::Unit::Scalar('3m');
    now correctly produces a Physics::Unit::Distance object.
  - That resulted in the example script working now.
  - Changed the header of one of the sections in the
  - Added UnitsByName.html and UnitsByType.html to the MANIFEST.  These
    are generated automagically by the example script.

0.02 2003-03-19
  - Added the prefixes "semi" and "demi", for 0.5.
  - Added the binary prefixes; see
  - Added 'revolution', 'revolutions', and 'rpm'.
  - Added 'cycle' and 'cycles'.
  - Added 'degrees-rankine'
  - Removed some old code that was commented out.
  - Moved implementation-specific comments, including private method
    documentation, into
  - Added the "EXPRESSION GRAMMAR" section to
  - Moved documentation about private methods into

  - Added "pica" and "point" units to
  - Also added "stone" and "stones"
  - Also added jeweler's units 'carat', 'carats', 'karat', 'karats',
    and 'j-point'.
  - Added a section to the documentation:  "Naming Conflicts
    and Resolution".  This describes all of the instances of units
    names that have multiple definitions (e.g. "point") and how each
    is resolved in this library.
  - Improved the documentation of the unit expression grammar.
  - Re-organized, slightly, the documentation of private methods in the module.
  - Re-organized, slightly, the documentation in the module.
  - Changed *all* the files' newline format from DOS to Unix.
  - Updated the README file.

  - Documentation
    - Removed the "COMPILE-TIME STUFF" header and the associated
    - InitBaseUnit() is showing up both under "Class Data" and
      "Public Utility Functions".  I removed it from the former.
    - Ditto for InitPrefix(), InitTypes(), InitUnit(), and
      GetUnit().  Gene:  was there some reason that I'm not seeing for
      including these under "Class Data"?
    - Added some of the grammar back into the documentation for the
      Parser methods.

  - Documentation
    - I added the header "IMPLEMENTATION NOTES" two paragraphs after
      the "DEBUG OPTION" header, since the following paragraphs there
      aren't related to the debug option.
    - I took the ScalarFactory() function out of "PUBLIC METHODS", and
      put it under "PUBLIC UTILITY FUNCTIONS" (a new heading).0.04 2003-03-21

0.01 2003-03-16
  - Initial release