- made note of the fact that Pixie requires Perl 5.8.0 in
	  the Makefile.PL
        - does not use $Data::Dumper::Bless, uses $Data::Dumper::Toaster
	  and Freezer for everything.

	- fixed installation problems
	- fixed t/09deep.class.t to make sure it didn't die when
	  it couldn't connect to one of the various storage mechanisms.

	- changed to use $Data::Dumper::Bless
	- oids no longer stored in the objects
	- everything in UNIVERSAL is prefixed with px_
	- readme update
	- rewrite of orginal pixie idea to make it a little more intelligent
	- pdcawley added hundreds of useful changes
        - Pixie::Proxy objects now do deferred loading by default.
        - Pixie::Proxy works with hash and array based objects
        - Pixie::Proxy works in the presence of overloaded objects
        - Pixie::Proxy objects can now be saved. Don't ask why they
          couldn't. Please.
        - Separated the 'simple' store from the storage manager portion of 
          Pixie, so we now have Pixie and Pixie::Store::*. The store is
          simply for saving and fetching 'simple' objects from the store, and 
          provides for locking, unlocking and rolling back the store. But these 
          don't guarantee anything yet. 
        - Pixie now calls lock/unlock in its 'insert/get' methods before
	  handing off
          to the more 'primitive' methods.
        - insert/get now use a 'cache' to avoid storing/fetching
          objects multiple times in a single transaction. Should be
          possible to extend this to use a single, unified cache.
        - Introduced 'Pixie::Name' objects, allowing for the
          naming/labelling of objects with 'well known' names. These
          look a little like Pixie::Proxy objects, and are generally
          not visible to the user, who uses Pixie's name related
          methods to manipulate names.