Revision history for Plack-App-Path-Router

0.08  2015-01-17

    - Change 'handle_exception' so that it rethrows exception by
      default, rather than returning it.

0.07 2015-01-13
    - Add 'handle_exception' method to
      Plack::App::Path::Router::Custom, to provide more granular
      control over response handling. (John Anderson)

    - Fix bug in component value extraction where a zero valued
      compotent would match but not extract properly. (John Anderson)

0.06  2014-09-01
    - return 404 via handle_response too
      (thanks to John "genehack" Anderson for this fix)

0.05  2012-04-20
    - Add Plack::App::Path::Router::Custom, which gives more control
      over exactly how things are passed into and out of the match target
    - Converted to Dist::Zilla

0.04  2011-01-12
    - Add Plack::App::Path::Router::PSGI, which allows you
      to dispatch to pure PSGI apps as targets
      - added the t/050_basic_psgi.t and t/051_basic_psgi_w_obj.t
        for this

0.03  2010-01-13
    - storing the Path::Router instance, match and other
      details in 'plack.router' instead of 'psgix.router'
      as per discussions with miyagawa on #plack

0.02  2010-01-07
    - adding support for custom request classes
      - added tests for this

0.01  2009-12-10
    - First release of this module.