Revision history for Plack-App-WebSocket

0.08    2018-02-12
        - Write this Changes. I forgot that.

0.07    2018-02-12
        - Pass \@handshake_results to on_establish callback (gh#5).
          Thanks topaz.

0.06    2017-10-16
        - PR gh#4 by yanick. Thanks!
        - Now on() method returns "unregister" subroutine
        - Now "each_message" event is passed the "unregister"
          subroutine reference

0.05    2015-11-01
        - Add websocket_server option. (gh#3)
        - Now the exception from the handshake process is available
          as $psgi_env->{""}.

0.04    2014-08-17
        - Migrate to Module::Build::Prereqs::FromCPANfile.

0.03    2014-02-05
        - (gh#1) Now on_established callback gets $psgi_env as the second
          argument. That way, you can change behavior of the connection
          according to query params etc. Thanks leedo.

0.02    2013-11-21
        - Sometimes installation failed because $VERSION was inspected
          before prerequisites were installed. This bug is fixed now
          that $VERSIONs are set by literals.

0.01    2013-11-10
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.