Revision history for Plack-Middleware-Security-Simple:

v0.4.2    2020-07-31 14:35:48+01:00 Europe/London
  - Add core modules in the prerequisites.

v0.4.1    2020-03-11 12:19:20+00:00 Europe/London
  - Simplify unexpected_content rule.

  - New rule: require_content.

  - Updated rule: cgi_bin to incldue cgi_wrapper.

  - Updated rule: dot_files to include "../" in path or query string.

  - The HTTP status can be overridden without overriding the handler.

  - The log message includes the request method and HTTP status.

  - Fixed POD formatting.

  - Documented the format of the log message.

  - Added note about modsecurity.

v0.4.0    2020-03-09 17:37:21+00:00 Europe/London
  - Added Plack::Middleware::Security::Common with some common
    filtering rules.

v0.3.1    2020-03-09 08:35:06+00:00 Europe/London
  [Bug Fixes]
  - Removed unused import of Plack::Util.

v0.3.0    2020-03-07 19:48:36+00:00 Europe/London
  - HTTP::Exception is no longer a run-time prerequisite.

  [Bug Fixes]
  - Set minimum Perl to v5.10, since that is the minimum used by some
    of the prerequisites.

  - Simplified code in tests.

  - Specified a minimum version of Log::Dispatch used for tests.

v0.2.1    2020-03-07 10:23:06+00:00 Europe/London
  [Bug Fixes]
  - Fixed call to logger.

  - Documented using a coderef for rules.

  - Added example of user agent check to SYNOPSIS.

  - Added test of coderef for rules.

  - Added test of logging.

  - Added test of custom handler.

v0.2.0    2020-03-07 00:13:56+00:00 Europe/London
 - This is the first, publicly-released version.