# Change file for Plack::Middleware::TemplateToolkit

0.28 Mon 16 Feb 2015 19:00:52
    Add missing TT config options ENCODING and OUTLINE_TAG

0.27 Sat  8 Mar 2014 19:59:47
    Add missing NAME pod (thanks to neilb for pointing out)

0.26 Sat 29 Sep 2012 10:37:11 BST
    Add request object as variable in error template

    Error templates now get request path as variable
    Catch if vars method is broken
    Added timer

    Extend semantic of tt.path and tt.template

    Fixed bug with vars as singletons
    Modified and documented tt.path, tt.template, tt.vars
    Added Plack::Middleware::Debug::TemplateToolkit
    New parameter request_vars to inject request variables
    Modified utf8 parameter

    Warn on deprecated accessors
    Introduced $env->{'tt.template'}

    Use same configuration options as Template Toolkit
    Introduced $env->{'tt.vars'}
    More error handling
    Fixed some UTF8 handling

    Renamed to Plack::Middleware::TemplateToolkit
    Add variable injection
    More test coverage

# Previous life as Plack::App::TemplateToolkit...

    Support templates for error documents
    Log processing errors as warnings

    Migrated to Plack::App::TemplateToolkit
    Add support of multiple MIME types

    Add POD for process option
    Add interpolate and post_chomp options
    interpolate now defaults to 0

0.04 Tue 3 May 2011
    Add process option

0.03 Mon 2 May 2011
    Accidental release - should have been version 0.02

0.02 Sun 1 May 2011
    Add pre_process option

0.01 Sat 29 Jan 2011
    Inital release