Revision history for Plack-Session-Store-MongoDB

1.000000  2014-04-01 00:46:23+03:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Checking if MongoDB version is v0.502.0 or higher and using
	  MongoDB::MongoClient instead of MongoDB::Connection if so.

0.4       2012-11-19 01:33:51 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Now allows passing a MongoDB::Connection object instead of having
	  the module creating one by itself (older behavior still available

0.3       2011-02-02 01:10:02 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Now allows passing options to MongoDB::Connection's new() method
	- BACKWORDS COMPATIBILITY BROKEN: the 'db_name' option for new()
	  is changed to 'session_db_name'. Read the note in the new()
	  method's documentation.

0.2       2010-09-15 17:05:19 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Fixed bug causing test modules to be listed as prereqs, thus causing tests to fail

0.1       2010-08-10 20:42:20 Asia/Jerusalem
	- initial release