Revision history for Pod-Abstract

0.20    03/01/2010
        Removed usage of UNIVERSAL isa and can as functions, will correct
        a deprecation warning with Perl 5.11. Fixed a bug with
        nodes->from_pod which did not work as documented. Corrected some
        minor errors with documentation formatting. Added test coverage
        for from_pod.

0.19    21/06/2009
        Added =head1 NAME blocks to those modules missing them. Added some
        additional Pod. Added "Task::Weaken" dependancy to ensure that the
        target platform has a working "weaken" in their Scalar::Util

0.18    08/06/2009
        Replaced "=" operator with "eq", added the full set of Perl
        compatible binary comparison operators (eq and friends, == and
        friends). This will break your code if you used the "=" operator
        in 0.17, you will need to change it to "eq".

0.17    26/05/2009
		Added Union and Intersection operators to paths (conjunction of
        multiple simple paths). Support for multi-name selectors in paths.
        Fix for memory leak. Testing of pPath expressions. Added "="
        operator with support for combinational matching (any node on left
        expression = any node on right expression)

0.16    11/05/2009
        Changed constant declarations to allow older Perl 5.6 constants.
        Removed body components from heading and label attributes in
        BuildNode, which would cause ->select to behave incorrectly on
        newly added nodes.

0.15    12/03/2009
        Improved documentation. Added some real documentation for
        Pod::Abstract::Path. Had an attempt at fixing the compile
        issues for Perl 5.6. No significant changes in function.

0.14    03/03/2009
        Improved paf filter suite. Bug fixes. paf defaults to "load as
        perldoc". Allow mandatory positional arguments for filters.

0.10    28/02/2009
        Package build with functional library and "paf" utility.