Revision history for Pod-Cpandoc

0.16 2016-12-01
    - Switch to MetaCPAN v1 API, which also requires SSL

0.15 2013-02-01
    - improvements to the metacpan API calls

0.14 2013-01-27
    - switch from JSON to JSON::PP to get us back to only core (5.14+) deps
    - improvements to the metacpan API calls

0.13 2013-01-06
    - add -c for reading the Changes of a dist (requested by many users)

0.12 2012-10-09
    - specifically request POD from metacpan, unless -m (Thomas Sibley++)

0.11 2011-07-17
    - add support for `cpandoc URL` (requested by Claes Jakobsson)

0.10 2011-06-25
    - link to Japanese translation from @bayashi
    - link to my YAPC::NA lightning talk

0.09 2011-06-14
    - give tempfiles a .pm suffix so they syntax highlight
    - more web-related debug output
    - put some doc in the cpandoc script which points to Pod::Cpandoc

0.08 2011-06-14
    - use metacpan's brand new /source/Module::Name endpoint (big
      thanks to @moritzonken who implemented it)
      [ #68770] this enables perldoc -m Acme::BadExample

0.07 2011-06-13
    - if $CPANDOC_FETCH is true, notify you (via stderr) that cpandoc
      is doing a web request (requested by Thomas Sibley)

0.06 2011-06-13
    - hide spurious "No documentation" warning even with unpatched Pod-Perldoc
      (I found a better hook point, though it requires a little bit of gymnastics)
    - factor out a live_cpan_url method for better subclassability
      (or more monkey-patchability, realistically)

0.05 2011-06-11
    - add a description which explains more of the workings
      also a response to
    - hide spurious "No documentation" warning, but only if you have a
      patched Pod-Perldoc. see
      [ #68762]
    - put downloaded files in a real tempdir instead of .
    - if -l is specified, don't unlink the tempfile to support
      vim `perldoc -l Acme::BadExample` [ #68769]

0.04 2011-06-11
    - actually declare our dependency on HTTP::Tiny (bayashi)
    - set user-agent to cpandoc/$VERSION

0.03 2011-06-10
    - specify a minimum perl version of 5.8.1 since that gets you
      File::Temp and Pod::Perldoc
    - give additional cpandoc-specific output under -D
    - documentation improvements

0.02 2011-06-10
    - use instead of
    - use HTTP::Tiny instead of LWP::Simple, Web::Scraper, and URI