Revision history for Pod-Elemental-Transformer-Stenciller

0.0300 2016-02-02T15:05:04Z UTC
 - Removed Kavorka/Moops dependency, so will work on 5.10+ (once Stenciller
 - No longer uses Stenciller::Standard for dependencies (but uses them

0.0200 2015-11-23T00:10:51Z UTC
 - Minor documentation improvements

 - Added .travis.yml.

 - Bump Stenciller requirement to 0.1300.

0.0101 2015-02-13T01:04:10Z CET
 - Added documentation regarding the option hashes in pod and stencil.
 - Corrected package name in Changes

 - Added check for 'to_pod' key in stencil hash.

 - Removed cpanfile (now prereqs are set in dist.ini).

 - Bump Stenciller prereq to 0.1212.

0.0100 2015-02-07T15:45:56Z CET
 - Initial release