Revision history for Perl extension Pod::HtmlEasy.

1.0111  Sat Jan 11 16:03:37 PST 2014
           RT ticket 92035; eliminate carp for known error message
           RT ticket 92034: eliminate complaint about experimental switch
            given/when. Use of 'no warnings' is problemantic, but I'm 
            darned if I'm going to complicate the code to kow-tow to 5.18.

1.0110  2013-01-06
           RT ticket 82400 Fix Perl 5.16 switch bug.

1.0109   2011-08-09
           RT ticket 70172. Missing dependency for Getopt::Auto
           RT ticket 70173. Missing dependency for HTML::EasyTags,
            List::MoreUtils, Uniq. 
           RT ticket 79176 fix usage of =stopwords, 
            that was confusing pod2man.

1.0108   2010-06-13
           Ooooh! A bugreport. Someone's actually using this stuff!
           RT ticket 58274. User names with embedded '.' are not
           parsed correctly. rather than improving the RE, I wanted to
           use Regexp::Common::Email::Address. It's the perl way, 
           be lazy. Alas, there's a bug there, so I fixed the local RE.
           Shamefully, I discovered that the last item in 
           test 12 of t/html.t included a dot-containing address,
           which was parsed incorrectly.
           - Replaced ExtUtils::MakeMaker (deprecated) with Module::Build
           - Added scripts/ to be installed. 
             Other scripts are useful only for debugging use of the module. 

1.0107   2009-11-05
           Changed generated HTML for C<> to use <code> instead of font change.
           Changed item index generation. Squeeze all \s to replace it
           with single space. Problem with =item * @bar triggered
           mailto: for foo@bar.

1.0106   2009-06-09
           =item L<foobar> caused confused output because the href was
           converted twice.

1.0105   2009-05-16
           HTML in the index entry resulted in the inclusion of \c
           =index * followed by a long paragraph resulted in a long index
           entry if index_item was selected. Added index_length (default 60)
           to permit the entry to be truncated.

1.0104   2008-09-01
           =item * followed by URL produced funny output.

1.0103   2008-06-04
           [36642] Perlpod states that hyperlinks can be in
           the format of: L<text|name>. doesn't create
           <a href="name">text</a>, but rather <a href="name">name</a>.
           Resolved: user was using v0.9
         - =item C<< <IFRAME SRC=...> >> causes all sorts of confusion.
           Need to encode the result of parselink() before evt_on_L().
         - Added to scripts/

1.0102   2008-05-28
         - Change literal /usr/bin/perl to $EXECUTABLE_NAME to overcome
           seemingly random CPAN test failures.

1.0101   2008-05-23
         - Add IPC::Run to Makefile.PL

1.0100   2008-05-21
         - Release to CPAN. This is the last release to say "use 5.006002".
           Subsequent releases will support 5.10 and subsequent. If anyone
           has a serious problem with this, email the Maintainer.

1.0005   2008-05-13
         - Fix errors in =begin/=end processing.
         - Add "output" option; optional second arg support removed

1.0004  2008-04-27
         - Silently ignore =begin or =end without command

1.0003  2008-04-14
         - Support absent file parameter to imply STDIN

1.0002  2008-04-08
         - Support "-" as file parameter, meaning read from STDIN
         - Related changes to test suite
         - Correct text returned by Data::podon
         - Replace "touch" in test options.t with explicit create; n/a in Windoze

1.0001  2008-02-15
         - Use Exporter::Easy to provide a usage that satisfies perl 5.6.2

1.0000  2008-02-14
         - Many changes, but here are some of them
         - Cleaned up default css. It just defines what's needed.
         - Rewrote index/toc generation; badly-managed tree replaced by simple
           list, as the order is established by order in the POD.
         - Workaround for issue with Regexp::Common, RT #32489, handling of %xx
         - Squeeze multiple spaces/tabs out of =item and =head search
           targets so that L<foo bar> finds =head1 foo  bar
         - Repaired handling of DOS-format text file EOL (\n\r)
         - Introduced use of
         - Fixed: URL in verbatim text not displayed
         - Fixed: =item * implies use of following text as item label
         - Fixed: =item * foo => use foo as item label, without *
         - Re-wrote test suite. here mirroirs HtmlEasy/
           to catch errors in static output.
         - Removed support for "=include". Not mentioned by perlpodspec.
         - Added HtmlEasy/ in order to make the static output of POD
           conversion available to the test suite.
         - Removed Conversion output now goes directly to
           a list variable.

0.0914   2008-01-15
         - Set Perl version. Tests OK in 5.6.2 

0.0913  2007-12-28
         - Fix Readonly syntax.

0.0912  2007-12-25
         - Fix [#31784] again. Misinterpreted intent of option.
           Hat tip to ITO Nobuaki.
0.0911  2007-12-24
         - Fix [#31784]. </body> appears if -only_content selected.
0.091   2007-04-03
         - Updated dependencies in Makefile.PL. No change to package version.

0.09    2007-04-01
        - Subject code to perltidy and perlcritic.
        - Refactor to deal with perlcritic criticism.
        - Re-write link processing for efficiency
        - Remove code that caused L<...> and E<...> to be interpolated
          in verbatim paragraphs.
        - Add head1 processing to extract title
        - Add preprocessing to extract VERSION and PACKAGE

0.08_03 2006-11-13
       - Make value of $VERSION a floating-point number

0.08_02 2006-11-12
       - Fix [21646]

0.08_01 2006-09-25
      - Changes made by GLEACH
      - Minor cleanup in
      - Replaced test/1.simple.html; S<> formatting was incorrect.
      - Updated test/2.graphic.pod; source of test file, made it a jpg
      - Added test/graphic-file.jpg
      - Added test/3.bugs.pod
      - added shebang and fixed warnings. [6062]
      - fixed warnings [6062]
      - HtmlEasy/ fixed warnings [6062]
      - Added support for X<...> [20078]
      - Added support for =head4, =begin, =end

0.07  2004-10-10
      - Fixed a minor bug when the input is '' and isn't file,
            that make Pod::Parser to read from STDIN.
      - Added option for basic_entities and common_entities at pod2html().

0.06  2004-05-09
      - Fixed minor bug for argument _on_item that should be on_item. [6223]

0.05  2004-05-09
      - Added support to =for [6064]
      - Added support to =item * [6065]

0.04  2004-02-05
      - Fixed some simple bugs.
      - Added item on index.

0.03  2004-01-15
      - Added EXE_FILES key to MakeFile.PL (forgot to put in 0.02 version).

0.02  2004-01-13
      - Added script
      - item titles, by default, are bold now.
      - Added support for E<>, F<> [6065]
      - Added option to extend the commands (=word) and formatters (X<>).

0.01  2004-01-11 19:07:08
      - original version;