Version 1.000003
	* Update download link.
	* Remove link to old Changes.
	* Update test using old Changes.
	* Update Sphinx home page URL.
	* Use https for
	* Add missing author to README.
	* Move bugtracker to
	* Update copyright years.

Version 1.000002
	* Fix list items without bullet (thanks to Wouter Depypere)

Version 1.000001
	* Fix kwalitee issues

Version 1.000
	* Generate version number in code and POD automatically
	* Update authors and copyright
	* Improve style and best practices

Version 0.04
	* Allow any rst-specific text in "=for pod2rst" (Closes: CPAN RT#114346)
	* Remove perl highlighting in view_pod (Closes: CPAN RT#124710)
	* Remove Pod::POM::View::Restructured::Changes

Version 0.03
	* Apply debian patch to POD (Closes: RT#119200)
	* Add namespace option to convert links to cross references (Closes: CPAN RT#115777)

Version 0.02
	* Added callbacks parameter
	* Fixed bug where the module tried to write to an unopened index file