Revision history for Pod-POM-Web

1.20 27.04.2014
  - #95075 fix relative urls to absolutes in initial frameset
  - get rid of old method "redirect_index"
  - fix obsolete hyperlinks (cpanforum, Kobes)

1.19 15.04.2013
  - meta_merge ref. to Github repo

1.18 24.08.2012
  - fixed [ #79079] Non-ASCII character seen before =encoding

1.17 01.05.2011
  - skip tests on systems that do not have 'perlfunc.pod' or 'perlvar.pod'

1.16 28.04.2011
  - Export 'server' and 'index' functions into main:: namespace if
    called from command-line (suggested by DOLMEN -- Olivier Mengué)
  - fix titles containing POD markup
  - explicit error message if perlfunc or perlvar are not installed

1.15 20.11.2010
  - H1 header can be either NAME or TITLE
  - adapt to new structure of perlvar.pod in bleadperl
  - CSS fix for diplaying AnnoCPAN notes
  - dependency on Pod::POM 0.25

1.14 08.06.2010 
  - fix for pods/perl.pod change of structure since perl 5.12

  - ignoring dirs starting with '.'
  - no HTML rendering for perltoc (too slow)
  - support for perlvar
  - computing TOC layout, works for MSIE6, MSIE8, FF, Chrome and Safari
  - many JS fixes (done in Alien-GvaScript 1.20)
  - applied patch by Elliot Shank for specifiying the page title
  - tested on MSIE8, FF3.5, safari4, Chrome3

  - sync TOC, automatically open nodes in TOC
  - support aliases in links L<alias|http://...>
  - fixed bugs in URLs containing special chars like L<http://foo$/...>
  - disabled automatic links within text nodes
  - links to external resources will open in a blank page
  - fixed bugs in displaying scripts (as opposed to modules)
  - toc ignores directories starting with '.'
  - toc_pragmas ignores "pod", "pods" and "inc" subdirs

1.11 13.11.2008
  - removed =begin BUGS section in Pod that was preventing proper display
  - fixed perlio layer for pass-through binary files
  - ref to PodPOMWeb.css used wrong case (undetected on -Win32!)
  - fixed page titles when the name has no "-- description"

1.10 07.11.2008
  - passthrough for non-POD files (i.e. images, css, etc.)
  - clicking hrefs in the TOC really loads the pages
  - recompute height of treeNavigator
  - alphabetical sort of Perl docs in each section
  - sync displayed pages / TOC
  - tooltips for Perl docs
  - fixed hyperlinks in perlfunc
  - initial page is 'perl' instead of 'perlintro', with hyperlinks

  - Hyperlink to
  - look for perl* files in both "pod" and "pods" subdirs

  - fixed bug with onComplete introduced in 1.07
  - fixed bug: no entries in section "Unclassified" (patch from A. Jousset)
  - adaptation for Search::Indexer v0.75 (bugfix on incremental reindexing)

  - reorganised TOC : modules by initial letter
  - also serve scripts
  - display installation date [and CPAN latest version]
  - bug fix: entity encoding when no syntax colouring package
  - onComplete sends form.submit() in Search input box

1.06    30.05.2007
  - fixed Firefox CSS bug introduced in v1.05
  - updated doc for modperl configuration
  - friendly message in /index if javascript is disabled
1.05    11.05.2007
  - patch from CDOLAN to add <head><title>
  - patch from CDOLAN to insert AnnoCPAN comments
  - fixed CSS for Firefox H1 .. H6

1.04    24.04.2007
  - patch from CDOLAN to show tooltips in module tree
  - hyperlinks from source code to use'd modules

1.03    24.04.2007
  - t/indexer.t no longer fails if Search::Indexer is not installed
  - a little more help in Pod::POM::Web::Help.pod

1.02    22.04.2007
  - fixes in standalone server (thanks BooK and CDOLAN) 

1.01    11.03.2007
  - explicit dependency on Pod::POM 0.17
  - avoid double indexing when finding overlapping paths in @INC
  - indexing is incremental and skips big files
  - indexing without word positions (less precise, but much smaller)
  - paging in fulltext results

1.00    08.03.2007
  - first public release