Revision history for Pod-Parser-Groffmom

0.042   11/11/2009
        - Don't "use parent".  Too little benefit for the dependency (darn)

0.041   10/11/2009
        - Get rid of t/tmp directory.

0.040   08/11/2009
        - No changes, but bumped up the version number because there were
          enough changes for a major release.

0.031   Unreleased
        - Rework how '=for mom tofile' is handled.
        - Improve list formatting by allowing extra space if we have a
          non-item after =item (e.g., when lists have descriptions of list
        - Allow pod2mom to take an alternate parser.
        - Add 'last_title' method. Useful for subclasses.
        - Add '=for mom tofile $filename' and '=begin mom tofile'
        - Reformat paragraphs to be on a single line (this stops problems when
          the newline break causes something to be recognized as a command to
        - Handle one level of nested sequences: C<< I<alias>=I<name> >>
        - Fix pod2mom bug where it wouldn't correctly find TOC's greater than
          one page.
        - Fix the Pod::Parser::Groffmom::Entities pod in an attempt to make
          them render clearly on the CPAN.

0.030   03/11/2009
        - Switch 'cover', 'toc' and 'newpage' to =for commands so as not to
          break standard POD.
        - Add pod2mom script.
        - Numbered lists sort of work (must always start with '1', but we'll
          fix that later).
        - Add support for nested lists.
        - Add previously unhandled sequences (e.g., S<>, Z<>).
        - Handle L<> as per "perldoc perlpod".
        - Handle E<$entity_name>.  Codes stolen from HTML::Entities.
        - Interpolate heading correctly.
        - Add support for "table of contents"

0.020   28/10/2009
        - Handle E<$number> correctly.
        - Change '=for highlight' to '=begin highlight'

0.001   27/10/2009
        - Convert pod to groff -mom format for conversion to PDF.