Revision history for Perl extension Pod::Site.

0.56  2015-08-15T01:26:56Z
      - Fix --favicon-uri parameter. Contributed by Arthur Axel fREW Schmidt.
      - Fixed test failures on Windows.

0.55  2015-07-30T22:53:55Z
      - Added versions to Pod::Site::Search and Pod::Site::XHTML so that CPAN
        will index them properly (it failed the 0.54 upload).

0.54  2015-07-30T22:18:43Z
      - Fixed "Useless use of \E" warning in `t/base.t`.
      - Fixed test failures matching list items.
      - Added `--favicon-uri` to optionally link to a favicon. Contributed
        by Arthur Axel fREW Schmidt.
      - Switch from Module::Build::ModuleInfo, which is no longer available,
        to Module::Metadata, its replacement. This is used solely to find
        module versions.
      - Added missing dependencies to Build.PL.
      - Removed the Pod tests from the distribution.

0.53  2011-11-29T17:44:06Z
      - Fixed a CSS issue where a `<pre>` block inside a list was getting the
        first letter of its first line chopped off. Also, on Firefox, the text
        of list items was appearing a line below the bullet, which was on a
        horizontal line by itself. Thanks to Phillip Smith and Andrew Dunstan
        for the reports.
      - Added encoding detection to the description parsing in `get_desc()`.
        Thanks to Masahiro Honma for the pull request.
      - Properly parse class names with digits in them. Thanks to Masahiro
        Honma for the pull request.
      - Removed deprecated use of `qw(...)` as parentheses, which generates
        warnings on Perl 5.14.

0.52  2010-04-13T21:56:53
      - Require File::Path 2.07, as that seems to be the earliest release
        supporting `remove_tree()`.

0.51  2010-04-13T16:24:24
      - Updated build to add Pod to `bin/podsite` when creating the
        distribution, rather than at install time. This should allow the
        documentation to also show up on Perldoc sites.
      - Updated the `README`.
      - Added "Support" section to the docs.

0.50  2010-04-12T21:08:39
      - Changed name from Pod::Browser and pod_browser to Pod::Site and
      - Completely rewritten using pure CSS and JavaScript/jQuery solution, as
        well as reliance on more recent versions of Pod::Simple that have been
        updated to support the thigns we needed. The previous unreleased
        versions are hardly worth noting anymore.

0.30  [Unreleased]
      - Added --app-name to the docs & make it required. Patch from Dave
      - Added --css-path, --js-path, & --img-path, which all default to the
        current hard-coded options. The last one doesn't do anything yet,
        since there's no processing of the css file. Patch from Dave Rolsky.
      - Added --example-module. Patch from Dave Rolsky.
      - Added call to mkpath($doc_root) before trying to write to it. Patch
        from Dave Rolsky.
      - No longer tries to generate docs for bin/ unless it exists. Patch
        from Dave Rolsky.
      - Don't look in blib/. Patch from Dave Rolsky.
      - Fixed code that prevented classes with the same base file name from
        being included in the output.
      - Switched from Mason-based to JavaScript based. Added --base-uri to
        specify the base URI for the browser.
      - Switched to using Pod::Simple::XHTML, distributed with Pod::Simple
        3.06, and no longer requiring a patch.

0.20  [Unreleased]
      - Initial version.