Revision history for Perl extension Pod-Text-Color-Delight

0.07 2014-02-08T06:48:41Z

    - Add documentation for PERLDOC environment variable
      (Suggested by @hirose31)
    - Fix bug that renders illegal "item" which is at after C<...>
      (Reported by @hirose31)

0.06 2013-10-28T15:04:04Z

    - Fix the nesting bug.

0.05 2013-10-27T15:31:22Z

    - Fix the issues that are displayed on the double.
    - Add procedure to fall back when specified wrong color.
    - Do not highlight as CODE when it is in item section.
    - Update documents.

0.01 2013-10-26T08:57:36Z

    - original version