Revision history for Perl extension Pod-Weaver-Plugin-EnsureUniqueSections

0.163250  2016-11-19 23:15:36-08:00 America/Los_Angeles
    - Log content of duplicated sections to aid debugging

0.121550  2012-06-03 12:21:31 America/Los_Angeles
    - Fixed order-dependence in weaver.ini: Previously it was possible
      that plugins (specifically plugins doing the
      Pod::Weaver::Role::Finalizer role) could add more sections after
      EnsureUniqueSections had finished its checking. Obviously, such
      sections were not checked for duplicates. Unfortunately, the
      Leftovers plugin was liable to do this, and was also the most
      likely source of duplicate sections. Now [-EnsureUniqueSections]
      can be anywhere in weaver.ini and it should have the same
      effect. ( )
    - Added a test suite.
    - Switched to using the logger for error messages instead of using

0.111220  2011-05-01 20:23:46 PST8PDT
    - Fixed a bug: Module no longer produces cryptic errors when
      encountering unknown POD elements (fix contributed by
    - Minor documentation formatting fixes that you won't notice

0.103531  2010-12-19 02:13:42 EST5EDT
    - More detailed documentation
    - No code changes

0.103520  2010-12-17 23:32:01 EST5EDT
    - Updated attr documentation to match code

0.103510  2010-12-17 15:38:47 EST5EDT
    - Initial CPAN release