Revision history for Perl module Pod::Webserver:

3.11  2016-02-14T10:08:00
	- Fix order in which _init_options() and _get_options() are called. See RT#111894.
		Thanx to Alessandro Romualdi for reporting the problem.
	- Reformat the dates in this file, and hence in Changelog.ini from - e.g. -
		'Sun Feb 14 10:08:00 2016' to what you see above.

3.10  2014-01-25T13:32:00
	- Change default timeout from 5 to 24 hours.
	- Rewrite bareword filehandles (INX) to use a variable (my $fh).
	- Rename github repo from Pod--Webserver to Pod-Webserver - My new standard.
		Update Build.PL and Makefile.PL to match.
	- Reformat the docs, and this file, slighty, to be <= 100 chars per line - My new standard.

3.09  2014-02-26T15:53:00
	- Use Test::TCP's Net::EmptyPort to pick a port to use for testing. See daemon.t.
		Note: The env var $PODWEBSERVERPORT (used only for testing) still takes precedence.

3.08  2014-02-14T13:28:00
	- Change t/daemon.t to use $ENV{PODWBSERVERPORT} || 39383, not 8020, for both server and client.
		This means tests run even if 'podwebserver' is aleady running.

3.07  2014-02-14T12:00:00
	- Split out each package into its own file.
	- Rearrange methods per file into alphabetical order.
	- Clean up datestamps in this file.

3.06  2014-02-10T12:00:00
	- Ron Savage is now co-maint.
	- Remove 'require 5;' from the source. If you're running Perl V 4, you'll have even more
		problems now.
	- Add a -t (timeout) parameter. The unit is seconds. Timeout defaults (as always) to
		18,000 = 5 hours. This addresses RT#21582. Thanx to Ivor Williams for the 2006 report.
		Yes, it has been a regrettably long time, hasn't it?
	- Remove spaces in option string passed to Getopt::Std.
		This addresses RT#44520. Thanx to Marek.Rouchal for the 2009 report.
		This problem was also noted in RT#55106. Thanx to COSMICNET for the 2010 report.
		This problem was also noted in RT#62939. Thanx to Allison Randal for the 2010 report.
	- Add -d (dirs to include) and -e (dirs to exclude) parameters.
		This addresses RT#55106. Thanx to COSMICNET for the 2010 patch.
	- Flag RT#59890 as not-an-error, since http://localhost:8020/pods/perlfaq is not (presumably)
		output by the code, and hence is not the jumping-off point for any within-FAQ links.
	- Re-word error messages, and use die rather than a combination of die and Carp.
	- Change licence from Perl to Artistic 2, since the Perl licence is not listed at
	- Switch tests from using Test to Test::More.
	- Move podwebserver script into bin/.
	- Add Build.PL.
	- Create repository on github and add to Build.PL and Makefile.PL.
	- Add t/version.t.
	- Add xt/author/pod.t.
	- Expand docs slightly.
	- Ensure port and timeout parameters are integers. Print help and exit if not.
	- Expand help message.
	- Include File::Spec in the pre-reqs. It's used by the new -d and -e options.
	- Replace brief MANIFEST.SKIP with long version (copied from GraphViz2).
	- Reformat this file so it can be read by Module::Metadata::Changes'
	- Rename ChangeLog to Changes.
	- Add Changelog.ini (output of

3.05  2008-01-09T12:00:00
	- Allison Randal <>
	- Added an explicit VERSION to Pod::Webserver::Daemon, to pass the tests on Perl version 5.10.0.

3.04  2006-09-12T12:00:00
	- Allison Randal <>
	- Applied a patch from Nicholas Clark to eliminate the dependency on LWP, so the module
		could be incorporated into the Perl core. Mad props to Nick for the networking code!

3.03  2004-06-20T12:00:00
	- Sean M. Burke <>
	- No code changes; I merely added some extra docs about -T and security and @INC things.
	- Thanks for all your supportive email!  I am surprised by what a hit this module has become!

3.02  2004-05-25T12:00:00
	- Sean M. Burke <>
	- First released version.

1.00  2004-05-24T12:00:00
	- Sean M. Burke <>