Revision history for PortageXS

0.3.1 2013-07-27T08:58:15Z
 [00 MAJOR Changes]
 - Guts overhaulled so everywhere file IO was done directly, or via
   PortageXS::Core::getFileContents, it is instead now done by Path::Tiny.
 - DirHandle based traversal replaced by Path::Tiny iterate()
 - Many linewise readers replaced with shorter Path::Tiny->lines
 - Primary configuaration code now modularised to MakeConf, and everywhere
   that used that 'getParamFromFile' previously is now proxied there via
 - getPortdir() is now deprecated in favour of the lowercase portdir, which
   is an inroad to eventually one day using moo lazy accessors.
 - more dependence on shared configuration for paths, but still warty

 [Dependencies::Added / develop requires]
 - Test::CPAN::Changes 0.19

 [Dependencies::Added / runtime requires]
 - IO::Handle
 - Path::Tiny

 [Dependencies::Removed / runtime requires]
 - DirHandle
 - Exporter

 - Code now annotated with MetaPOD

 - Examples moved to top level

0.3.0 2013-07-27T06:13:05Z
 [00 Major Changes]
 - Color logic factored out into its own module
 - examples moved top level
 - Exporter stuff replaced with Roles
 - Hash is tied to warn about legacy code.
 - ::UI::Console has most its methods deprecated now

 - another residual path to make.conf ... better solution still in the

 [Dependencies::Added / runtime requires]
 - Moo 1.000008
 - Role::Tiny
 - Role::Tiny::With
 - Tie::Hash::Method

0.2.12 2013-07-24T06:23:39Z
 - Partial solution to b.g.o #264680, bailing on unreadable categories,
   including non-categories that are also unreadable such as 'package'. Its
   not ideal, but its better than bailing for a predominant chunk of users.

 [Dependencies::Added / develop requires]
 - Test::CPAN::Changes 0.19

 - Changelog retroactively touched up to work better with CPAN::Changes

 - Refactored body of searchPackages into 2 smaller and more reusable

0.2.11 2013-07-22T15:23:47Z
 - Package toolkit migrated to Dist::Zilla
 - b.g.o #437414 Now fixed in the code.
 - Maintainer/Release of codebase taken up by KENTNL (
 - Codebase published via CPAN
 - Add PortageXS::Version (taken from CPANPLUS::Dist::Gentoo)

0.2.10 2009-04-15T00:00:00Z
 - Gentoo v0.02.10
 - Fixed bug b.g.o #265102

0.2.9 2008-12-01T00:00:00Z
 - Gentoo v0.02.09
 - Fixed bugs that occured when using new profiles (2008.0+)
 - Implemented getPortageMakeParam()
 - getArch() is now a wrapper for getPortageMakeParam() only

0.2.8 2008-05-12T00:00:00Z
 - Gentoo v0.02.08
 - Fixed bug b.g.o #216484 - Affected function: getArch()

0.2.7 2007-05-20T00:00:00Z
 - Gentoo v0.02.07
 - Optional parameter repo: getAvailableEbuilds()
 - New functions: searchPackageByHerd(), searchPackageByMaintainer()
 - Fixed bug b.g.o #178745 - Affected function: getParamFromFile()

0.2.6 2007-04-19T00:00:00Z
 - Gentoo v0.02.06
 - fileBelongsToPackage(): Do not die if CONTENTS file is missing.
   (Reported by Michael Cummings <>)
 - Speedup functions getFilesOfInstalledPackage(), fileBelongsToPackage()
 - Source cleanups
 - New functions: disableColors(), getPackagesFromWorld(),
   recordPackageInWorld(), removePackageFromWorld()
 - formatUseflags(): Also handle suffixes (% and *)
 - added .cache dir to EXCLUDE_DIRS for use with paludis
 - removed virtual dir from EXCLUDE_DIRS - we actually want virtuals in
 - getPackagesFromCategory(): - Use PORTDIR by default - New optional
   parameter to set the repository to use - Check for dirs before trying to
   access them
 - searchPackage(): Works - Feel free to use it now.
 - Fixed bug #175175 - getArch() was not able to resolve the profile path
   if make.profile was an absolute path
 - Apply fixes from bug #175175 to getProfilePath(); refactored getArch()
   and getUsemasksFromProfile()
 - Make test getPortageXScategorylist() more robust

0.2.5 2007-04-09T00:00:00Z
 - Gentoo v0.02.05
 - New functions: getEbuildName(), getUsedescs(), getCategories(),
   formatUseflags() (from demerge 0.032), sortUseflags(),
   getUsemasksFromProfile(), getProfilePath(), resetCaches()
 - Fixed some function descriptions
 - Moved /etc/portagexs to /etc/pxs for convenience
 - When initializing also initialise colors and apply NOCOLOR variable
   setting from make.conf to comply with portage (See `man make.conf` for
   further information); changes in UI::Console
 - Implemented caching for getUsedescs(), getHomedir(),
 - getUsedesc() is only a wrapper for getUsedescs() now
 - getUsedescs() now accepts an optional parameter that stores
   'category/package' when looking up local usedescs
 - searchPackage() is silent now (no more direct output) and supports two
   search modes
 - Make formatUseflags() correctly format masked useflags
 - More / better examples
 - More tests

0.2.4 2007-03-09T00:00:00Z
 - Gentoo v0.02.04
 - Made full category/package-version string mandatory for function
   getUseSettingsOfInstalledPackage() which otherwise causes odd behaviour
   in apps such as demerge

0.2.3 2007-02-18T00:00:00Z
 - Gentoo v0.02.03
 - New deps: IO::Socket::SSL, Sys::Syslog
 - New configuration file for the server: /etc/portagexs/portagexsd.conf
 - Initscript for the server
 - Runtime optimizations
 - Basic server and client implemented

0.2.2 2006-11-17T00:00:00Z
 - Gentoo v0.02.02
 - New functions: searchPackage(), getReponame(), resolveMirror(),
 - New example:,,
 - New module:
 - Syntax stuff
 - Added tests for new functions (left out: searchPackage because it will
   change in the future; do not use it!)

0.2.1 2006-11-12T00:00:02Z
 - Gentoo v0.02.01
 - fix functions: printColored, print_ok, print_err, print_info
 - Do not fail if IUSE/USE-files are missing in

0.2.0 2006-11-12T00:00:01Z
 - Gentoo v0.02
 - getPackagesFromCategory() was returning a list of categories when given
   category was empty
 - handle multiple overlays
 - getArch() returns ARCH set in system-profile

0.1.0 2006-01-01T00:00:03Z
 - ( actual timestamp unknown )
 - Gentoo v0.01
 - Clean up getEbuildVersion regexp
 - added tests for getEbuildVersion
 - fixed test for getPortageXScategorylist

0.0.2 2006-01-01T00:00:02Z
 - ( actual timestamp unknown )
 - Gentoo v0.01_p2
 - New functions: getPortdirOverlay, getHomedir

0.0.1 2006-01-01T00:00:01Z
 - ( actual timestamp unknown )
 - Gentoo v0.01_p1
 - Initial unofficial release (hey.. i could have just touched the
   'Changes' file ;))