0.9 2004-03-23

        * Now uses a configuration file for default values of parameters. No
          need to edit the source code anymore.
        * Added a Makefile to ease the installation process. The default is to
          install in /usr/local but this can be overriden when invoking make.
          Re-read the INSTALL file for details.
        * Changed the default for --root to /media/cdrom instead of /cdrom
          (for compliance with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard)
        * Omitting the --title now results in using --root instead, i.e., the
          top directory will be printed as the CD's title. Thanks to Terry
          Gliedt for suggesting this.
        * Now uses ISO-8859-15 (or Latin9) enconding instead of ISO-8859-1
          (Latin1).  This is the recommended encoding for use in Western
          Europe as it features the Euro sign and some French
          not-so-common-but-still-needed characters, it is harmless for
          countries using a European language (like in America).  The rest of
          the world was unhappy with ISO-8859-1 anyway.
        * Bugfix: an empty title used to cause a division by zero in the
          PostScript code (bug introduced in release 0.8)

0.8 2004-02-24

        * Added switches --color, --cd-color and --folder-color to generate
          colored output.
        * Long titles are now scaled down enough to fit in the page width,
          instead of being simply truncated.
        Thanks to Michael M. Tung for suggesting these two enhancements.

0.7 2004-02-12

        * Added switch --mp3 to replace filenames with song title when ID3
          tags are available.

0.6 2004-02-05

	* Prints one of the side labels upside down so that the box side reads
          always good however it is put on the shelf.
        * Code cleanup.
	* Added switch --separator to add a column separator line
	* Added switch --minwidth to eliminate too narrow columns. When the
          room available on the right is below this limit, next column is sent
          to the next page (only useful with --columns=0)

0.5 - 2004-02-04

        * Bugfix: Added $File::Find::dont_use_nlink = 1 to prevent problem
          with older versions of File::Find (File::Find would not recurse
          through non Unix filesystems, notably ISO9660 CD-ROMs).

0.4 - 2004-02-02

	* Added switch --all to force printing even empty pages

0.3 - 2004-02-02

	* Setting --columns=0 now makes the widths of columns automatic, i.e.,
          they take just enough room for the longest filename to fit. Still,
          the right most column on a page can be too narrow, in which case the
          long filenames are truncated.
        * Code cleanup

0.2 - 2004-01-30

	* Added --columns option to print out more (or less) than the default
          2 columns.

0.1 - 2004-01-29

	* Initial release