# Revision history for Perl extension Qmail::Deliverable.
# The format for this changelog is described at http://use.perl.org/~hex/journal/34882

VERSION:      1.07
fix:          default@example.org in vpopmail/valias now works as intended.
new:          Support for vpopmail user-ext (disabled by default).
change:       The plugin check_qmail_deliverable lost its "check_" prefix.
info:         This version was provided by Matt Simerson.

VERSION:      1.06
new:          Support for vpopmail vaddaliasdomain.

VERSION:      1.05
new:          Support for vpopmail valias address extensions (foo-default).

VERSION:      1.04
new:          Support for vpopmail valias addresses.
new:          Support for vpopmail "big dir" (hashed directory structure).
change:       qmail-deliverabled now uses GNU style long options; old style
              argument passing is deprecated.
new:          qmail-deliverabled can now stay in the foreground for use with
              DJB's daemontools.
security:     Made qmail-deliverabled safer and taint mode compliant for
              Perl 5.10.

VERSION:      1.03
new:          qmail-deliverabled now takes a pidfile on the command line, and can
              stop itself using that.
docs:         Qmail::Deliverable::Comparison, a document to compare with other
              Qmail deliverability checkers.
fix:          Now correctly loads "me" if "locals" does not exist.
new:          An example init.d script.

VERSION:      1.02
new:          Support for bouncesaying, although without using the configured
              error message. Plesk puts |bouncesaying in .qmail-default.

VERSION:      1.01
change:       qpsmtpd plugin check_qmail_deliverable installs as a binary, so
              that it has a manpage. If you execute it, you get installation
new:          $Qmail::Deliverable::Client::SERVER can be a callback now.
change:       Plugin now uses the callback option for cleaner code.
fix:          Plugin now allows hostnames instead of IP adresses only.
fix:          Exclusions now enabled for smtproutes.
incompatible: ::Client::qmail_local no longer returns undef on connection error,
              because undef already meant something else.
new:          qmail-deliverabled has basic statistics in $0.
docs:         Minor documentation updates.

VERSION:      1.00
new:          First CPAN release.