Revision history for Perl extension RADIUS::Users.

0.01  Tue Jan 13 11:07:55 1998
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18

0.90  Thu Jan 15 17:36:14 PST 1998
    - first public release

0.99  Fri Aug 18 03:04:56 PDT 2000
    - applied bug fixes from Burkhard Weeber:
      Fixed documentation of the comment facility.  It was saying to
      use "Comments" for the field name, when "Comment" is actually
      correct.  Also, the Password attribute is now always put first
      in the user entry if it exists.  Finally, the columnar alignment
      of attributes was changed so that longer usernames would still
      look nice and wouldn't screw up the file.

1.00 Thu Dec 13 16:57:00 PST 2001
   - Strange, I thought I fixed this before (in v0.99), but it was still
     messed up:  long usernames don't mess up the first attribute in a
     record any more.  Thanks to James Golovich for helping with this.
   - Some records were getting blank comments.  Fix from James Golovich.
   - Serious bug fix:  after update(), re-reading the same file would no
     longer work correctly because $/ was making each record be read in
     as a single line, and then it would get skipped as if it were a
     comment.  Whoops!
   - Added Check_Items field for new() so that the list of checkable
     attributes can be customized.

1.01 Thu Dec 13 18:50:56 PST 2001
   - Updated the README to be more current.  Looks like I never took a
     look at it after I first created it.
   - Updated my contact address to