Created:      2009-01-13
Home page:    <https://metacpan.org/release/RDF-RDFa-Parser>
Bug tracker:  <http://rt.cpan.org/Dist/Display.html?Queue=RDF-RDFa-Parser>
Maintainer:   Toby Inkster <mailto:tobyink@cpan.org>

1.097  2012-06-07  # RDFa 1.1 Release Candidate 7

 - (Addition) Two new methods for RDF::TrineX::Parser::RDFa - rdfa_flavour
   and rdfa_version.
 - (Update) @role no longer respects @vocab.
 - Add RDFa1.1+role test suite to 'xt' - tests all pass.

1.096_04  2012-05-24  # RDFa 1.1 Release Candidate 6.04

 - (Addition) RDF::TrineX::Parser::RDFa - a less crufty API layered on top
   of RDF::RDFa::Parser.
 - (Update) Implement minor changes for new version of Atom+RDFa draft

1.096_03  2012-05-20  # RDFa 1.1 Release Candidate 6.03

 - (Addition) New output_graph and processor_and_output_graph methods.
 - (Addition) RDF::RDFa::Parser Distiller PSGI in the 'examples' directory.
 - (Bugfix) Fix crash in RDFa version guessing.
 - (Packaging) Lots more work on 'xt' tests - can now output EARL, which is
   bundled in the 'meta' directory of the release.
 - Allow unparsable markup (i.e. DOM cannot be generated) to result in a
   simple error (reported via error callbacks, etc) rather than croaking.
 - ERR_CODE_CURIE_UNDEFINED is now a warning, not an error.
 - Slight improvements to processor_graph, to allow it to pass test cases
   from RDFa 1.1 test suite.

1.096_02  2012-05-17  # RDFa 1.1 Release Candidate 6.02

 - (Addition) XHTML5 is now a host language in its own right - a mashup
   between HTML5 and XHTML1, but with added xml:base support.
 - (Bugfix) The xml:base attribute was being ignored in a few places when
   it shouldn't have been.
 - (Packaging) Now passing RDFa 1.1 test suite for RDFa 1.1 in XML, SVG and
 - (Packaging) Promote an old OpenDocument example to a test case.

1.096_01  2012-05-16  # RDFa 1.1 Release Candidate 6.01

 - (Addition) RDF::RDFa::Parser::InitialContext.
 - (Addition) Support HTML5 <data> element, and @value attribute.
 - (Addition) Support HTML5 <time> element, and @datetime attribute.
 - (Bugfix) Support CURIEs which end in colon.
 - (Bugfix) When _:foo found in a predicate, don't generate a random bnode
   identifier, instead treat as a weird URI.
 - (Packaging) Currently passing RDFa 1.1 test suite for RDFa 1.0 and 1.1
   in HTML4, HTML5 and XHTML1 ('xt' tests, available in repo but not on
 - (Packaging) Start cleaning up 'examples' directory.
 - (Removal) Dropped a little relative URI resolution hack that I don't
   think is needed any more.
 - (Removal) Remove @profile support, plus entire profile mechanism.
 - (Removal) Roll back @inlist plus @rev support.
 - (Update) @vocab takes precedence over terms.
 - (Update) Change RDFa 1.1 @typeof bindings; can bind to objects.
 - (Update) Implement support for @property with resource objects.
 - (Update) Replace rdfa:hasVocabulary predicate with rdfa:usesVocabulary.

1.096  2011-10-13  # RDFa 1.1 Release Candidate 6

 - (Packaging) Build package with Module::Package::RDF
 - (Packaging) Move some tests from 't' to 'xt'.
 - (Update) use 5.010
 - Allow @inlist to work with @rev.

1.095  2011-09-23  # RDFa 1.1 Release Candidate 5

 - (Addition Update) Add 'inlist_attr' option, and enable it for RDFa 1.1.
   This enables support for RDF Collections.
 - (Addition Update) Add 'src_sets_object' option, and enable it for RDFa
 - (Addition Update) Add 'vocab_triple' option, and enable it for RDFa 1.1.
 - (Addition Update) RDF::RDFa::Parser::Profile::RDFa11 for the default
   RDFa 1.1 profile.
 - (Addition) 'processor_graph' method.
 - (Removal) RDF::RDFa::Parser no longer does any HTTP caching. Caching
   should be handled at the application level.
 - (Update) Change 'profiles' option to 'profile_attr', and disable it for
   RDFa 1.1 to match forthcoming WD.

1.094  2011-02-09  # RDFa 1.1 Release Candidate 4

 - (Addition) Include 'tagsoup' configuration set for dealing with content
   from the wild.
 - (Addition) The opengraph method now recognises the old Open Graph
   Protocol namespace for better backcompat.
 - (Bugfix) @prefix wasn't working - ignored all but the first prefix.
 - (Documentation Update) Copyright 2011.
 - (Documentation) Improve SYNOPSIS section.
 - (Update) Support new RDFa 1.1 feature where XMLLiterals are recursed
 - Issue warning when encountering a profile URI contains a fragment
 - Issue warning when encountering a profile that is not a valid URI.
 - The opengraph method now returns the first value in the list when called
   in scalar context. (Previously returned an arrayref.)

1.093  2010-12-09  # RDFa 1.1 Release Candidate 3

 - (Addition) Support @cite - not part of RDFa, but often provides useful
 - (Addition) Support @longdesc - not part of RDFa, but often provides
   useful information.
 - (Bugfix) Fix failure parsing embedded RDF/XML with blank nodes.
 - (Bugfix) new_from_url didn't work when called without a Config object.
 - @graph is now parsed like @about by default.
 - Change cache directory.
 - Clarify language around default prefix versus default vocabulary (or in
   RDFa 1.0 default prefix versus 'no prefix'). This involved renaming a
   couple of configuration options: prefix_default => vocab_default;
   prefix_empty => prefix_default.
 - Deprecated pretriple_literal and pretriple_resource callbacks - use
   ontriple instead.
 - IETF link types now use an aggressively cached copy of
 - Improve HTTP caching behaviour.
 - Second parameter to ontriple callback is now a hashref of elements
   rather than just the current element - this change is to help support
   the RDFa API.
 - Use official GRDDL profile URI for hard-coded support for GRDDL keywords
   instead of previously used internal identifier.

1.092  2010-10-20  # RDFa 1.1 Release Candidate 2

 - (Bugfix) The final prefix defined in @prefix was being ignored due to a
   regexp bug. Fixed.
 - (Bugfix) There was an inconsistency between the code and documentation
   for the name of the oncurie/ontoken callback. It's now called ontoken.
 - If @graph support is enabled, and RDFa attributes are being used in a
   non-standard namespace, assume @graph is in that namespace too.
 - Load Profile modules via Module::Pluggable.
 - RDFa Profiles establish both a case-sensitive and case-insensitive term
 - Reimplement RDFa 1.0 keyword concept using profiles.
 - Strongly deprecate keyword_bundles config option - use default_profiles

1.091  2010-10-06  # RDFa 1.1 Release Candidate 1

 - (Addition) Support rdfa:vocabulary in Profiles.
 - (Packaging) Add test cases covering @profile.
 - Generate less-predictable blank node identifiers.
 - Various clean-ups.

1.09_11  2010-06-16  # RDFa 1.1 Preview 11

 - (Addition) Support for OpenDocument's slightly unusual flavour of RDFa.
 - (Documentation) Rearrange some of the documentation in the FEATURES
 - Auto-Config fixes and clean-ups.
 - Various media-type handling clean-ups.

1.09_10  2010-05-27  # RDFa 1.1 Preview 10

 - UTF-8 fixes necessitating requiring a newer version of RDF::Trine.

1.09_09  2010-05-26  # RDFa 1.1 Preview 9

 - (Addition) Allow Config.pm to provide a list of default profiles to the
 - (Addition) Handle <?profile ?> processing instructions.
 - (Addition) Hard-coded the Yahoo SearchMonkey profile.
 - Improved DataRSS support; differentiate between DataRSS and plain Atom.

1.09_08  2010-05-21  # RDFa 1.1 Preview 8 - bugfix edition

 - (Bugfix) Remove 'my' from a couple of lines.

1.09_07  2010-05-21  # RDFa 1.1 Preview 8

 - Allow an LWP::UserAgent to be supplied when configuring the parser.

1.09_06  2010-05-05  # RDFa 1.1 Preview 7

 - (Bugfix Packaging) Test Suite tests are failing on systems that don't
   have RDF::Query; make these tests optional.
 - (Bugfix) @profile properly supports multiple URIs.
 - Support case-sensitive/-insensitive prefixes on a prefix-by-prefix basis
   rather than parser-by-parser.

1.09_05  2010-05-01  # RDFa 1.1 Preview 6

 - (Bugfix Packaging) Tests require File::Slurp. Add this dep to

1.09_04  2010-04-24  # RDFa 1.1 Preview 5

 - (Addition) Special Open Graph Protocol support.
 - (Addition) new_from_url shortcut.
 - (Bugfix) Fix auto_config.
 - (Packaging Regression) Makefile.PL doesn't reflect proper requirements
   from running tests.
 - (Packaging Update) Integrate official RDFa test suite into module tests.
 - (Packaging Update) Provide more inclusive XML DTD catalogue.

1.09_03  2010-04-21  # RDFa 1.1 Preview 4

 - (Addition) Support @role attribute.
 - (Update) Use latest list of IANA terms from

1.09_02  2010-04-21  # RDFa 1.1 Preview 3

 - (Addition) New 'oncurie' callback.
 - (Bugfix) Allow CURIEs to have zero-length suffixes.
 - (Regression) Broke auto_config.
 - Deprecate OPTS_XXXX functions in favour of a new
   RDF::RDFa::Parser::Config object which allows host languages and RDFa
   versions to be combined more flexibly.
 - Refactor error handling code to add a new 'onerror' callback, and an
   'errors' method to get a list of errors.

1.09_01  2010-04-19  # RDFa 1.1 Preview 2

 - (Bugfix Packaging) Fix packaging problem (profile modules were not in

1.09_00  2010-04-19  # RDFa 1.1 Preview

 - (Addition) Support @profile attribute to load externally-defined
   keywords and terms.
 - (Addition) Support @vocab attribute to set default attribute.
 - (Bugfix) Don't use <img alt> in plain literal stringification.
 - (Bugfix) Properly enforce scoping of prefix mappings (use Storable
 - (Regression) Broke support for CURIEs with zero-length suffxes.
 - (Update) Change syntax of @prefix to match current RDFa 1.1 editors'
 - Refactor a lot of code, especially CURIE processing.

1.00.002  2010-04-09

 - (Bugfix) Properly enforce scoping of prefix mappings (use Storable

1.00.001  2010-03-26

 - (Bugfix) Don't use <img alt> in plain literal stringification.

1.00  2010-02-18  # Stable

 - Release RDF::RDFa::Parser 1.00 and RDF::RDFa::Parser::Redland 1.00.

1.00_02  2010-02-05  # 1.00 Preview''

 - (Documentation) Document Atom support better.
 - (Documentation) Document HTML support better.
 - (Documentation) Document RDF/XML support better.
 - (Documentation) Document SVG support better.
 - Arrange methods in a more sensible order for documentation.

1.00_01  2010-02-04  # 1.00 Preview'

 - (Documentation) Fix double use of &consume in POD SYNOPSIS.
 - (Update) POD NAME section short description to match description in CPAN
   registered modules list.

1.00_00  2010-01-29  # 1.00 Preview

 - (Documentation) Correct name of XML::Atom::OWL module in POD.
 - (Documentation) Document auto-config in non-XHTML XML.
 - (Documentation) Improve named graph documentation.
 - (Removal) &named_graphs no longer supported as a way to enable named
   graph support.
 - (Removal) &set_callbacks no longer supports old argument syntax.

0.30  2010-01-18  # Version 3 (kinda)

 - (Addition Packaging) Include a catalogue of doctypes to speed up XML
 - (Addition) Add support for a default prefix (different from empty
 - (Addition) Change set_callbacks parameters and support additional
 - (Addition) Special support for RDFa in Atom (Yahoo's weirdly-named
 - (Documentation Update) Copyright 2010.
 - (Packaging Update) Upgrade distribution to my new packaging regime
   (signatures, auto-generated changelogs, etc)

0.22  2009-12-03

 - (Addition) Add Auto Config feature.
 - (Addition) Allow case-insensitive CURIE prefixes (optional, good for
 - (Addition) Allow suffix-less CURIEs without colons (optional).
 - (Addition) Empty CURIE prefix can be configured (optional).
 - (Addition) Flexible keyword extensibility (optional).
 - (Addition) Make xml:lang support optional (enabled by default).
 - (Addition) Special rel='alternate stylesheet' handling (optional, good
   for HTML5).
 - (Bugfix) Various test case compliance fixes (passes HTML4 and HTML5 test

0.21  2009-11-28

 - (Addition) Use RDF::Trine::Node::Literal::XML if it exists.
 - (Bugfix) Various test case compliance fixes (passes XHTML test suite).

0.20  2009-11-24  # Version 2 (kinda)

 - (Addition) Add optional support for XFN 1.1 keywords.
 - (Addition) Add optional support for embedded RDF/XML.
 - (Addition) Add optional support for xml:base.
 - (Addition) Allow various parsing options to be passed to constructor.
 - (Removal) Diallow Safe CURIEs in @src/@href.
 - (Update) Module SVN repository now at
 - (Update) The graph() and graphs() methods now return RDF::Trine::Model
 - Support for @lang now optional, off by default.
 - Support for @prefix now optional, off by default.
 - Support for HEAD, BODY and BASE elements now optional, on by default.
 - Support for extended @rel/@rev now optional, off by default.
 - Support for full URIs instead of CURIEs now optional, off by default.

0.11  2009-01-19

 - (Update) Make named graphs handling more predictable for triples spread
   across multiple elements.

0.10  2009-01-19

 - (Addition Documentation) Improve documentation and include it inline in
   the module code.
 - (Addition Update) More test cases, including XML Literals and named
 - (Addition) Support for KjetilK's named graph idea.
 - (Bugfix) Fix broken support for XML literals.

0.04  2009-01-14

 - (Addition) Include some test cases as part of the installation.
 - (Addition) Provide graph() method to output graph.
 - Rewrite callback stuff.

0.03  2009-01-14

 - (Bugfix) Bugfix for @property.

0.02  2009-01-13

 - (Bugfix) Fix bug in Turtle output.
 - Add KjetilK's patch.
 - Disable thing-described-by.org URIs by default.
 - Make XML parser more tolerant.

0.01  2009-01-13  # Original version